Wednesday, January 12, 2011


We need both bread & roses.

I have become like a blog raven; I steal silver from my fellow bloggers. It's New Year and time for reflection. Scarf Sister Pat put it so wonderfully in her post today, " I believe in second chances." Amen to that. I need second chances and new hopes for my personal development. I have been flunking forth grade in the school of life for decades.

Autumn outdoor meditating as good as it gets

My friend Annie talked about three minutes of meditation every day. Knowing that meditation always is good for me, I grabbed the idea. I can do three minutes, I sure can. Being a blogger queen I searched for the topic and found the instruction...3 minutes meditation. I have already began, sitting on the brown pillow, looking out in the garden, with Kitty by my side.
Annie, your site is even better, I think I can manage 6 minutes and use both.

Third theft I made from Mrs. Mac, at least I think she was the one who wrote about the new way of being a consumer on a low cost budget. Buy what you need, not what you want. I am making lists before I go to the grocery store. We shall have what we need, but not heaps of trade deal food making us fat and uncomfortable.
Three good beginnings for body, soul and mind.

Norwegian cheese slicer, a tool for the thrifty household.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I heard the front door closing softly,
As I wakened from my sleep;
With the last touch of her kips, Lord,
Like a whisper on my cheek;

And I cursed the sun for risin',

'Cause the worst, Lord, was yet to come;
'Cause this morning, she's just leavin',
But, come sundown, she'll be gone.

Kris Kristoffersson

Serina left for school today, after 3 wonderful weeks together.
The only things worse than her leaving, would have been if she wasn't able to leave and create a life of her own.

I have deliberately blurred the picture. She came and went like a mild breeze.

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Monday, January 10, 2011


In Norway we celebrate Christmas Eve. The shops close at 12 p.m.
and everybody hurries home to in their own way, get ready for the celebration. e

Our family always attend the worship service in the local church
as the start of Christmas celebration. We arrived early to get a "good" bench for the family. I snapped some photos before the service began.

Being extremely shortsighted, I do not always get all the details of what's been going on until I see the photos on the computer. Serina has put on her "Are you Russian?" look. My mother is a bit embarrassed, my brother is used to dealing with tougher youths.
Serina is the only grandchild of my mother and also her most precious treasure. There sure is no recipe about what to do when my beloved is acting up.
Look how well my brother is taking care of my bewildered mother, while our colt keeps kicking and jumping.
These pictures are published with Serina's permission.
I have to add she behaved like an angel the rest of our stay in Sauda.

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