Wednesday, June 23, 2010


My parents married in 1947.Due to five years of German occupation, there were a horrible shortage of everything.
No house had been built for five years, all materials and man power had been used to build fortresses all along the Norwegian coast. "Festung Norwegen", Fortress Norway, the occupants called our country.
My parents were lucky to let two rooms in the attic of a small cottage. Here my mother gave birth to two children, her only, in 15 months. The water had to be carried from a brook near by, and the cotton napkins were boiled on the kitchen stove.
My father worked 80 hours a week, and took mercantile education at nights (with straight A s).
Even so he took the time to take this poetic photo of my mother, hanging out laundry for dry.
It's so beautiful, love over love, makes me want to cry every time I see it.
Gunnar found the film and scanned it, I converted it with tint sepia.
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