Sunday, November 16, 2008



Originated by MaryT, check hers for today.

The Deep Valley is where most of the inhabitants of Haugesund like to go for a walk, a hike, a bath, to pick mushrooms, watch birds or just sit on a beach to relax. The wilderness with a touch of park.

Young parents will bring their children, it's also made available for wheelchairs. New this year is the ramp leading straight into the water..

Tuesdays, that's when the gang of hikers set out to explore islands, mountains peaks, forests, historical sites,beaches,- you name it, we've done it.
Due to my many broken, unhealed bones, we cannot go far or fast. We are all ladies around our best sixties, and therefor carry some luggage from a rich, but turbulent, in the best meaning of the word, life.
Stroke, artificial hip, cancer, hmm, that's just one of us.
We share laughter and tears, defeats and sieges.
You can spot the ruby drops in the sunlight??
We sing while we walk, we stop bend down to fetch stones, cones, driftwood, berries, seashells, moss, flowers to bring home like curious and overwhelmed kids.

"You are my favorite break pad,"Tilly smiled the other day. "You make us stop and wonder."
These are pictures from last Tuesday's hike.
Elbjoerg reading about ants. How they always build their tuft towards the south, and like the bear go to sleep in the winter.
Liv talking foliage, while the only surviving plants from the age of the dinosaurs, the ferns, still are green.

We ended up at Tilly's for cocoa and sandwiches.
Liv and Elbjoerg stretched out at the children's playground while Tilly prepared the meal.
Even the swing had red strings. Who cares if the sky is gray as long as children's toys color our day?
Relaxing outside Tilly's entrance door. Ruby once more!
Before we left Tilly brought us all a gift; striped socks.
"Some are known as the ladies who always walk to Crooked Lake. I thought we might be known as the Ladys with the socks," she laughed.
A splendid idea.