Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Miracles do happen, whether you believe in them or not.
Elisabeth George
17 months ago my mother suffered a major stroke.
She was admitted to hospital twice. Had they bothered to take some tests the first time she might have avoided the second one,causing quadriplegia.Luckily mother mother is of strong will and good genes.
She stayed with us for four months, slowly regaining her speech and ability to walk.
At first she had to sit in an armpit chair, being spoon fed and drink water with thickener in it.
She has but 7 years of schooling, but super quality of such. Even in hospital when the nurses came to see to her, she sat with paper and pencil and asked them triumphantly if they were able to calculate the area of a pentagon.
They couldn't, of course. Young people in nursing jobs rarely have a talent for mathematics.
Maybe because of that, and also because I had to talk my mom's cause in the local newspaper,(lack of proper stroke treatment)she later received properly trained- with the inestimable help of Gunnar-, leading her three times a day.

Here my mother is about to beat me in Chinese Checkers less than two month after her stroke.
Why do I remember just now?
I have not played CC since my mother moved to live in her own home.
Recently I played with my cousin and my daughter, and I beat them both, easily.
I cannot remember last time I was able to win over my mother.
Now she's keeping her garden as always and reading short stories to fellow elderly at meetings.

How I wish doctors and nurses began to believe in what they see, and turn their eyes away from the ungodly mammon.

Monday, August 10, 2009


My favorite photo object soon is leaving for school on faraway premises. these shots are taken a blowy day at the local beach.
Now, here's a challenge.
This poem about the Finnish Roine Beach,
one of my dad's favorites probably can be translated. If you're interested; welcome.

This incomplete translation is made by google.

By Roines Strand
Zacharias Topelius

Herd graze and the clock rings,
The clock rings at Roine beach.
Swan flies with white wings,
Flying alone at the cloud periphery.
The spring winds in foliage go,
The sun is shining and the lake is blue;
But I sing my long yearning,
Roine sings alone at the beach.: |

My Father is a birch forest,
My mother is summer's cloud,
My brother is an spike in the filed,
my sister is a winter wind.
Solo, I am as heather of the heath,
Flowering sole and wilted young.
|: Sing, sing my long yearning,
Roine sings alone at the beach.: |

If the glittering sun knew,
If she knew my heart's inclination,
All of its rose guise she lost,
Would fall in the source wave,
Sink, sink in the night's bosom;
But I whisper my beloved's name,
Sing, sing my long yearning,
I'm singing lonely at Roine beach.

Klockan klingar på Roines strand.
Svanen flyger med hvita vingar,
Flyger ensam vid molnets rand.
Vårens vindar i löfven gå,
Solen skiner och sjön är blå;
|: Men jag sjunger min långa längtan,
Sjunger ensam vid Roines strand.:|

Fader min är en björk i skogen,
Moder min är sommarsky,
Broder min är ett ax i logen,
syster min är ett vinterny.
Ensam är jag som hedens ljung,
Blommar ensam och vissnar ung.
|: Sjunger, sjunger min långa längtan,
Sjunger ensam vid Roines strand.:|

Om den strålande solen visste,
Om hon visste mitt hjertas håg,
Allt sitt rosensken hon miste,
Skulle sjunka i qvällens våg,
Sjunka, sjunka i nattens famn;
Men jag hviskar min älsklings namn,
|: Sjunger, sjunger min långa längtan,
Sjunger ensam vid Roines strand.:
Zacharias Topelius|

Originated by MaryT, check hers for today.