Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ruby challenge

I did promise a report from our (Gunnar's) garage. Sometimes promises are hard to keep. Me and my big mouth. Six o'clock today, it's dark, the storm is howling and salt rain comimg in horizontally from west .

In his garage a man is eager working, wearing thick, fake fur lined coveralls. Gunnar is busy mending the automatic garage door opener.
The light is good for work, but not for photography. I simply had no time to use photoshop. What I saw, is what you get.

No problems fining red in the garage. Skis stashed up under the roof beams.

I don't even know the names on the tools Gunnar is using. This is so definitely his place.

Bar chairs beside the heavy work bench.
The man knows what a man needs to make the wheels turn around.

When spending hours working, often with mates, he needs to relax from time to time. The chair is not orange, but post box red. Genuine leather, Italian design. Best and finest chair we've ever had.

Serina and I are represented with our bicycles. I never had a driver's license. That is weird coming from a car family.

Gunnar's beloved MG. Made for export to America, hence the wheel on the left hand side. Her first owner bought her in San Francisco in 1953. Second owner bought her in Vancouver and brought her over to Norway. Third owner Gunnar has been in faithful relationship with the lady since 1971. 40 wonderful years together.

She's been a work under construction for a couple of years now. She's become a demanding old woman, and Gunnar has three more females craving his time, plus Amidala, our truck and Serina's car. Poor man. He has indeed deserved his red chair.

Half resting with yet another tool sake in his hands. Wrench maybe?

Here's the right red colour of the chair and Gunnar's gloves.
New haircut today, not bad at all.

The door is almost fixed.

Bits and pieces.


The L is from when he and Serina had driving lessons. She came home glowingly proud. Dad had taught her to do reverse in 8 number shapes.
Later hand brake turn.
Oh, my. They spent some real quality time together, and Serina ended up being a very skilled driver.

The man and his car.

Wet gloves hung to dry.

Jackson's jack.

Gunnar never stops admiring the fine curves of the car. I agree. She may be old, but her beauty is for all to see.

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