Monday, July 12, 2010

Ruby Wandering Rocks # 12

In Greek mythology the Wandering Rocks were a group of rocks, between which the sea was mercilessly violent. In the Odyssey of Homer, the sorceress Circe tells Odysseus of the "Wandering Rocks" or "Roving Rocks" that have only been successfully passed by the Argo when he was homeward bound. These rocks smash ships and the remaining timbers are scattered by the sea or destroyed by flames. The rocks lie on one of two potential routes to Ithaca; the alternative, which is taken by Odysseus, leads to Scylla and Charybdis.(Previous chapter) Furthermore, in the Odyssey of Homer, it was Hera, for her love of Jason, who sped the Argo through the Wandering Rocks safely.

This chapter of James Joyce's Ulysses is said to be an interlude between to two main parts of the novel. An Odyssey within the Odyssey.

Briefly; about 20 characters are walking around in Dublin, also using the tram, now and then. Seemingly occupied doing ordinary things, but mostly with a hidden agendas. Boyle planning to seduce Bloom's wife, the sympathetic Father Conmee (con me?) traveling far to exchange secret information, the jovial Buck Mulligan backstabbing his friend young Stephen Dedalous, a one legged sailor begging "For England", Dedalous sr. selling his son's books for booze and horses, while his daughters are starving, e.t.c.

All characters end up watching the Vice-regent on his way to open a great humanitarian event. They all react individually watching the cortege.Friday Gunnar, Serina and I had the pleasure once more attending a concert with the unique Dubliners. A group named after a James Joyce novel, still singing their heart and soul out for "Dear,Old Ireland". We sung, clapped and danced for an hour, we could hardly walk or talk afterward.

I'll let the Dubliners be a symbol of the positive strength of Wandering Rocks. For almost five decades have done so much to spread knowledge about Ireland, her troubles, sufferings, but also of her beauty and joy. They were at the Roots Festival ten years ago, and promised to come back in yet another decade.

I'll be there to greet and honor them.

Photos for this post by Gunnar, Serina and Felsiol

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