Wednesday, April 02, 2008


March came with garden lilies.
Mom has gardening as her absolute main interest.
No crouches, but a broomstick was appropriate support, she felt.
We were both correctly dressed for heavy working.
One week later the tiny flowers were covered by snow.
Spring can be so moody.

For Jim: New favorite:Warm Brownie with thick fudge and nuts,served with ice and whipped cream.
Blackberries, blueberries and cow berries added. So are several pounds to my weight.

Yellow is the color of Easter by us. Serina makes a splendid
background decoration.
My place in the kitchen, under the picture of my Dad and br. Ole.
The blue coffee jar comes from my German friend Christa.
Feathered domestics are also Eastern symbols. The cock from the Garden of Gethsemane is a must. The hens and eggs refer to the ancient fertility cult previous to Christianity.

Serina decorates herself with parsley.

Getting better all the time. Now in her typical housewife position.
Smiling Mom washing dishes of extended Easter family.

More items from my permanent poultry exhibition.

Bro Knut E showing off in Mom's old self made tablecloth.
She's an artist with thread and needle.

After a gray and rainy winter, spring came with snow.
Had to feed the birds some extra portions of cornballs.

Two garden angles almost hidden by the snow.
The daffodils were totally drowned.

Gunnar has made me an old fashioned swing hanging in the
cherry tree.
The brown miniature trolls have to stay out in the open all of the year together with Virgin Mary and two wooden cats.

More daffodils in snow.

Serina's two second cousins from Oslo came visiting.
They are her age and serving in the army.
Ruby had a nap in Serina's bed on her way back to Vet. school on a university outside London.
Finally out hiking. While making a coffee break this cute
rabbit came forth asking for food.
Can't believe it has survived alone in the wilderness.

Liv and Turid enjoying holy moment of April sun.
Life is not so bad after all.

The barometer of my life has again turned to wonderful.
We survived the icy, shifting storms and snow of March.
Even after 29 years with ME I did not imagine it possible to be so utterly worn out.
By Pass Over His blood was stained over the our door, and the angle of death speared us.
After holidays my Mom felt so well, that she got severe homesick. My bro followed her to live alone in the place she and my Dad have struggled and built up for 56 years.
She walks and talks and is able to feed her self in every way, so it's probably just Gunnar and me who felt she ought to have stayed a little longer.
We cannot forget the miserable sight who met us January 7th. (I had called home every day,but she hid her illness, wouldn't be of any trouble.)

Serina went to Azerbaijan Thursday after Easter .
We are both happy and worried about that too.
She's sent some messages that she's having a good time, but she actually is in a country at war, consisting of 93% Muslims.

Oh, I shold be proud. She's unselfishly helping out at an orphanage. I am happy about that, but....

Well, after hitting the wall and cracking all up for some days, I'm on my feet, making phycical exercises and today I'm headed for an outdoor hike with Liv, Turid and Gjertrud .

Slowly life is turning towards normal. Daffodils are painting my garden yellow and soon the tulips will spring out as well.
If He could just stop the rain from pouring down for a day or two I might even get some fertilizing and sowing done.

The sky is gray, but the sun is shining just now. Our part of Norway is famous for having the most unpredictable weather, four kinds of weather in one day is not uncommon.
Today our garden is green, but next week the meteorologists have predicted more snow.

"If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant. If we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome."
Anne Bradstreet (1612?-1672) US poet