Saturday, January 21, 2012

De Profundis

Serina has taught me how to blur a background. Yesterday's blessing.
My soul is singing De Profundis.
When all promises and words of comfort are failing, there are always the Psalms.

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Monday, January 16, 2012

Blessed Day

Living with chronic diseases in two towns has made our little family exhausted, vulnerable, but also thankful for the many blessings other may take for granted.
Last week was no exception I had a doctor's appointment, aa physiotherapist appointment, Serina and I went to stay with my Mom for three days and sought things out about her health and house. We had a great time together, went out to a confectionery and met with many of Mom's friends.

We drove home through a blizzard to reach my physiotherapist. Small, curvy Norwegian winter roads along a steep fjord side are not for amateurs. Serina is luckily no cowardice snail, but a very skilled driver. Surrounded by angels in front and after, we came home whole and healthy.

I use my refrigerator door as a memory board. I'm collecting GOOD memories. Like yesterday when we were at an art exhibition, the first this year. A video installation picturing the life of an elderly window, her memories from a long life both in Norway and America.

Serina offered to make us dinner. After living 4 years away from home she has developed into an excellent cook. Darwin would have loved her; "Survival of the fittest. "
.Salmon baked in oven with potatoes, red pepper, garlic,cheese, yoghurt and leek. Yummy.

We had double espressos and ice for desert in the living room. Serina came up with the marvellous idea of reading loud from Tolkien's The Hobbit. She got the novel for Christmas and was very well aware that neither I nor her father had bothered to read the book.
Besides Christmas Eve we hardly practice loud reading much nowadays. It made great fun, and while the ice was melting, our minds were blooming.

Serina and Gunnar alternated reading while I sat fiddling with my camera. Serina is headed for studies in Ireland next week, and needs to practice English pronunciation.

Gunnar also found it easier reading from the ipad after awhile. The letters in the Hobbit pocket book are very small indeed. Imagine, it's 75 years since it first was published. One of Serina's favourite actors is busy filming the book on New Zealand these days.

Meanwhile I sat admiring a lithograph I bought short time before Christmas. I like the mix of figurative and abstract expression. My head was filled with hobbits, wizards, trolls dwarf and elves, and after two chapters I know for certain this is a novel I'm going to finish on my own. I cannot imagine why I haven't read it earlier. Maybe it was recommended by the wrong people??

It's been a long time since I have been enjoying the peace and togetherness of our family this much. Even my telephone call to my mother was relaxing. My best friend from my childhood and her husband were paying my mother a much appreciated visit. I just felt how my tense shoulders were relaxing. Other of my best friends are living in our books, they are stacked in every room of our home.

My old Remington Portable is accompanying my PCs in the library, decorated with a postcard from Dublin Writers Museum.
I bet Serina will repay the place a visit during her one semester stay at Griffith College. I know parting will be tough. The only thing worse, would be her not being able pursuing her dreams making a future for herself.

Magical Mystery Teacher is hosting Ruby Tuesday 2 together with Gemma Wiseman
Ruby Tuesday 2