Saturday, October 06, 2012

Monday, October 01, 2012

Everlasting Ruby Joys

I found this picture last week. My uncle Leif made this slide  from a Sunday School trip summer of 1960. Gunnar made a great job scanning hundreds of slides for my uncle, so that family members and church members might have their own Sunday School DVD.
 This must have been the summer of red jumpers and pony tails. I just love "going into this picture", study and remember one the best days of my life. The game going on is Blind man's Buff, you can spot two blindfolded kids in the middle of the ring. Spread around are grown ups, all so very relaxed, no BBQ or fancy equipment, homemade sandwiches, and coffee, soda for sale in the yellow boxes. My parents are her, two aunts, one uncle, four cousins, my self, my brother probably down by the sea. I know each and everyone of the kids by name till this day, they are like pearls in my memory book. The grand family who owned the place would always open their huts by the fjord for the church members. The old boathouse with kitchen and living room upstairs was pulled down this summer.The memories will never die. This week has been especially devoted to this particular picture, walking down memory lane.

Magical Mystery Teacher is hosting Ruby Tuesday 2 together with Gemma Wiseman