Thursday, May 06, 2010


The birch outside our kitchen window is shining like a bride of spring in green, laced, veil.
Our lilacs are still hiding their true colors, like young, modest brides maids.
The daffodils are shining like yellow mother suns all over the garden, and to day the red cardinal, the rhododendron has unfolded his robe.
Blackbirds and red robins have already tuned into the prelude.
We are waiting for the groom, the somewhat reluctant huge cherry tree, to arrive, and we are the guests of honor!

Sunday, May 02, 2010


In Norway May 1st is celebrated as Freedom Day of the Laborer.It's a bank holiday with parades and speeches, flags, banners and festivity.
The majority chooses, however,to use the day for various activities, embracing the spring.

We went to a flea market outside the town. A mission summer school is gathering "fleas" all year and have a sale once a year. I bought some books, a small embroidered table cloths and a framed, elderly picture. This book, written by Billy Graham, "The Angels, God's secret agents", was very interesting. I find we talk to little about angels, even though they are described more than 300 places in the Bible. I sure can do with some help from God's agents.
To many the most beautiful fairytale of spring, is the day their beloved MC is let out from winter hibernation.
Here the MC Seniors are gathered for the first great meeting in 2010.Wrooom.

The leader of the clan riding a most prestigious and well groomed machine.
Short before sunset we drove south to visit the grave of aunt Lilly. Outside the graveyard sheep and new born lambs are grassing. Eight greater ships are laid up in the bay. A sign of the depression on the world market.
Under "Mary's sewing needle"a pre Christian menhir. The saga goes, when it touches the church wall, Domesday will come. The rusty drain pipe answers for the red in the picture.
Crisscrossing the island on our way home as the sun went down about 9.30, we found this cow stop sign. Be prepared for cows crossing the road on their way home from green pastures.
The sun is now up 15 hours a day, and life is ph

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