Wednesday, November 04, 2009


Cousin Arne and daughter Serina in front on a hidden door outside the ancient St. Olav's Church on our neighbor island.
The church was first built by King Olav II who Christened Norway in year 1033.Later it was rebuilt by king Haakon Haakonson in year 1250.
Two friends of mine, one the minister's daughter, the other a theological student, found a secret way behind the alter of the church leading to what one believe was the King's farm close by the church.
Archeologists dug out 36 meters of the secret way in the mid eighties, and the site around the church still is an eldorado for history scientists. Old grave sites containing jewelry, swords and much more.
The place still hides more questions than answers. We always bring visitors there. It's also a wonderful church for ordinary divine services.
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Tuesday, November 03, 2009


Time runs faster and faster. This week has flown like a whirlwind.Tuesday we had an appointment at our doc's.Then we went to buy two new outdoor jackets for Gunnar. A major event which happens only every fourth year. Gunnar were to visit Serina at her campus later this week, so this was force major. We are now in waiting line for swine flue vaccination. Wednesday the weather was semi nice. We dressed for cold winds, brought coffee and chocolate buns went for a walk in the forests north of the town.Here I met with this charming, bubbling brook.
Thursday I had an appointment with my physiotherapist, while Gunnar went by two planes, one jet and one small propel, to visit our daughter. I was invited home to my next oldest friend in this town, Elisabeth. We go back 29 years and have shared more than a lifetime of joy, trials and tears, death,love, in battles, sickness and health for us, our families and our beloved psychic retarded.

She is a superb chef. We wined and dined till three in the morning.
Early Friday morning Mia came to take me for a day tripper to my mother, or Monten as Mia and her four generation family calls my mum. Mia made us a huge salmon dinner with belongings. My mother had salmon for three days and enjoyed every mouthful.
Saturday I prepared Gunnar's coming home. Fresh herbs, cod, shrimps, potato and vegetables casserole with homemade bread to go.
You are right, I have avoided the bath weight like plague this week.
Sunday was time for the annual art exhibition at the island and a huge feast for Gunnar's aunt Lilly.
Aunt Lilly got a box of Norway's finest confectionery, King Haakon. Her great, great grandchild Amalie helped opening and ending the box. Oldest joke told by my father. Caller;"Do you have King Haakon in box?" Store attendant, "Yes, we do." My dad, "Then let him out!".
Monday Gunnar's brother-in-law was 70 years old.
We crashed in a nice party for eight. Saturday the huge family will celebrate.
I guess I will need some rest.
Don't fill your life with years.
Fill your years with life!
Good night.
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