Monday, May 07, 2007


We've come down with a really bad stomach flue, the three of us this last week.
Serina became ill the day my father went home from hospital, three days later I joined her, and today Gunnar went down likewise.
Being totally sat out, as we all were one after another, really changes perspectives on what a precious gift life and the little things in life are.
I lay longing for the day I would be able to drink one glass of cold water in one draught.
At that time it seemed to be an impossible fantasy.
Or getting that kicking horse away from my stomach.
At least be able to turn around in bed without every joint screaming from pain.

I felt I'd come a long way, when I was able to read small, cozy stories from old Reader's Digests.
(I have an arsenal of old copies stabled in my bedside cabinet, for "rainy days" or sleepless nights.)
When I started planning how I'd like to redecorate our living room without extra expenses, I knew I was going to survive this time too.
The wonderful thought of standing relatively firmly on my two feet again...

Praise the Lord for the little things, which are fundamental to functioning slightly normal.
The things we take for granted, even claim to be a right He owes us.
To walk, sit, read, listen to music, eat, drink, play, talk, enjoy art, smell flowers, relaxing in the sun, being safe, strengthened and inspired by the company of relatives and friends..
I am so overwhelmed by His blessing every day.
I guess I needed to be set aside for a short while, to fully appreciate God's gifts given by grace alone.
Today He's hung up his summer curtains in our living room. The unique Clematis.