Friday, January 09, 2009


I kind of thought I was used to being ill, spending 12 hours a day in bed due to my ME.
How dumb and totally out of empathy can a woman of the mature years still be?
This flue, sneaking up on Sunday, at the Chinese restaurant, dribbling, itching and cramping in my lounges all night to Monday, the day of Serina's departure for school, almost paralyzing me Tuesday, when I had invited the Hiker Girls for lunch and with the marvelous help of Gunnar managed to pull it through, left me unconscious for the rest of the week Sleeping one hour consequently at most, neither knowing whether it was night or day. Breathing hurt most. Then all my limbs, including my pinkytoes started aching.The fever went rocket high. My feet and hands kept freezing until i put a wet blanket over my boiling brain. My stomach went bananas mostly because of the wild mix of Lem Sip and Kodein mixture I'd absorbed. And I could hardly feet myself out to the toilet. I've lived on water, coca cola, banana and grapes for a week, and haven't even lost a pound. This is not fair.
To be honest; I haven't done much exercises either, except from throwing me from side to side in bed.
Were it not for Gunnar, standing faithfully by my side; providing all I asked for and even more, and voluntarily evacuating the bedroom
, I should probably not have been here today.
In times like these one gets reduced to one's own big bellybutton. No more, no less.
As my capacity for thinking revives, I am aching for daughter Serina. For nine consequential weeks she was on antibiotics this autumn, due to a severe streptococcus throat infection, the same which gave her arthritic fever summer of-07.

I never for a second heard her complain, nor talking about giving up. Wow, am I proud of my trooper girl.
I wish there were more I could do for her though.
She deserves only the best.
I also caught myself complaining about not being able to get around taking sign pics for Ruby Tuesday. My friend Raven, who cannot get out at all, did she criticize me for being self absorbed or ungraceful? No, she promptly offered to send reiki healing, that is help me instead. Can you imagine that such wonderful people still exisit?
Terry and Amrita
both hastened to pray for me. My Mom has called every day, giving me strength to prentend I am better than was actaully was the situation.
On my way out of this weird land of shadows I once more can confrim:
God is good, and his blessings are eternal

Monday, January 05, 2009


Originated by MaryT, check hers for today.

Happy New Year, Ruby Friends!
Today I live an indoor life, due to some fever and severe coughing.
Outdoor is King Winter has arrived. Minus ten Celsius degrees and no snow. Meaning that my garden plants are having a hard time.
Through my kitchen window I found the motive for today.
Ruby Sign.
I detest it. BYGGER'N is East Norwegian for The builder
Meaning they are selling plank, nails and anything in between.
It's a sad view. The birches, 5 in a row on our land, are protecting us from the soar sight half the year, providing green curtains.
Just now I choose to let my eyes wander elsewhere.
There are lots and lots of beauty in this world.
The birches themselves are not bad either.