Saturday, September 06, 2008


“The best things in life come in threes, like friends, dreams, and memories.”

The heather blossoming, the rose hips ripe for harvesting.
For three months I have hardly been out with my friends. Now the time allowed me to participate on the Tuesday hikes again.
Did I feel blessed even if the rain was pouring.

Tilly, Turid and Liv well equipped for a stroll in autumn scenery.
There's no hurrying. Inhaling the odours of the clean air, bending down to examine, taste, feel; lots of laughing and talking. Picking blueberries and eating, recalling childhood memories, whilst moving slowly forwards.
No competition, just sharing in perfect harmony.
We went along on hill tops and along the shore side. I picked lots of sea shells for my garden.Liv had planned it all perfectly. Even brought wood for a bonfire in the lavvo (that is a hut or a tent with an open roof to let the smoke out).
There are at least ten lavvos in the outskirts of the town and on the island. Kindergartens, schools, scouts and ordinary hikers are free to use the lavvos whenever they want.
The community is even providing raindeer fur for us to sit on. and even though adelossents often will use the lavvo in the evenings, there's supprisingly little damage.
We, the elderly women enjoyed our tea, coffee and sanwitches for almost an hour, before we called it a day.
"Oh gift of God,
oh, perfect day,
whereon shall no man work but play,
wheron it is enough to me,
not to be being,
but to be."

Monday, September 01, 2008


Originated by MaryT, check hers for today.
I am only human. I admit like shopping. I also like to make a bargain now and then, like I have not been out spending money, but actually saving...
Who am I fooling? Certainly not my hubby.
The only shop he'll follow me shopping is the Salvation Army's store. He's steering straight to the books. I, after long of hesitation, also buy clothes.
This rubyrosed dress I found just a couple of months ago. It is actually a tiny bit too small, so I did not buy it first time. I kept dreaming of it, solid cotton fabric and those thick ivory laces both on the dress and the shawl.
My daughter said she could help me change it, so I dived in. Bought it. Serina, when she should rip it open, noticed the label. She blogged it and found that Liberty of London was an English made fabric from the seventies, used by famous designers.

The antique lover in me spoke. Now i wear the dress with pride, but always with a jacket, to hide the half open zipper.
Morale; recycling is good, bright, googling daughters even better.
Double click to see the dress properly.