Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Highly treasured rubbish

For years I thought my beloved dinner plate set from my earliest childhood had been thrown away. 
As far as I can remember this was my special set. The deep plate for porridge and the time I only used a spoon to eat. The flat came later, when I was able to use a fork and even knife and fork together.
Some development for a toddler. 

Image my joy and surprise as I, two years after my mother went to Heaven, was about to empty and clean up my mother's pantry in the basement. The shelves are almost 1 meter deep, and against the wall on the highest shelf stood the two pieces of my dinner set.
I cried from joy and good memories.My mother had taken care of my "heirlooms" and hidden them so that no one could throw them away.
They are worn, torn and rubbish to anyone but me. 

The set is produced in Norway. There were actually three stoneware factories in my home county. Now they're all close and the rest of the production shipped out to second class products in China. Even Wedgwood has done that. When I see these plates, I remember a happy family benched around the dinner table, sharing stories about how the day had been. I would complaint that the food was too hot. My Mom would open the window and say, "Food, food, get cold, so Elise can eat you." It worked every time.

I guess I haven't found much rubbish along my hunt, but heaps of good memories. Thanks for setting me off on this hunt, Roan.

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