Wednesday, July 15, 2009


My step grandmother left some unexposed films.
Gunnar converted them to black/white.
I fiddled with it in photoshop and found this early 20th century very young man.

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Monday, July 13, 2009


When Norwegians talk about convoy, there's but one thing in their mind. The unarmed civil ships that went from America (Canada mostly) with vital war equipment through 5 long years during WW 2. Every 9th man died, the others were injured for life.I have nursed many survivors. Their stories deserve to be written in gold.This North Sea Cup is held in their memory. From Skudenes, voted Norway's summer town #1.
Skudesnes, a former tall ship town is situated on the island just south of us. The old town still is like it was built in last half of the 1800. People still live in the white houses, and the red sea houses still are used for storage buildings.
It's a slow town, good for inhabitants and tourists.
We stroll along the narrow streets at least once a year. Best time to be there is when it's rose blossom time.
It has indeed been a good year for the roses.
This garden pavilion always makes me dream.
Narrow streets for pedestrians only makes summer days a thrill.
More roses.
The park is where people gather for all festive occasions. The lady of the Park, an ancient tall ship figurehead, is guarding the place and keeping outlook over the harbor.

This house is for sale. I've dreamed to have it for a summerhouse, but people deserve to have inhabitants living there all year.
A fire post, vital to the fragile old wooden houses.
Doesn't take much fantasy to understand that handicrafts are for sale in this shop.
Outside our favorite cafe, selling only homemade, fresh confectionery. Yours truly may be spotted in the right hand corner of the window.
I made this picture to honor Ralph. So far I've never been inside the aviation gallery.
Serina is negotiating with the sellers in this ambulant antiquemarked. Most of the porcelain and faience are Norwegian made by factories no longer existing. No need to say I have a huge collection. That's also why I can't have a dishwasher. The laze is bound to crackle in a machine. I use mine everyday and find it worth while to wash up by hand.
Have a wondeful summer still, everybody.
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