Friday, March 18, 2011


Escapism or fingers into the earth?
There are days world events are sucking the breath out of me.
Life is almost too hard to digest.
When the news headlines are carpet bombing my brain and mind 24/7.
Do you know what's really making me go mad?
The inevitable sport section following the world news.Earnest journalists keep talking about football and ice hockey with equal engagement and high voice as the reporters from Japan and Libya.
As if sport matters at all these days. It's all about money and drugs anyway.
It's then I put on my wellingtons to wade through snow and dirt in my garden.
Hidden, close to the wall, a few snowdrops are blooming.
I bend down carefully picking some to decorate our kitchen table, a TV free zone.
Serving chilled water from old wine bottles, lightening a candle and sucking in the sane smell of spring, I finally regain breath and a slight touch with my immediate reality.
Fingers into the dirt and Tiger Balm thereafter are my best therapy.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


In Kensington Garden, along the Serpentine, road marks like this were implanted in the asphalt.

What grip my by the heart, was that someone carefully had seen to, that the former Princess Diana had been give back her lost title and dignity.
There were a Diana Princess of Wales Memorial walk, a ditto fountain and last but not least; playground.
Kensington Garden is leading up to Kensington Palace where Princess Diana lived also after her marriage had broken up. The Palace is now being redecorated for Prince William and his wife to be.
Only 19% sepia in this picture.

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Psalm 27:5 For He concealeth me in His pavilion in the day of evil.

I just heard on the radio,a pair of Norwegian missionaries in Japan are welcoming refugees in their church. "We have food and water supplies, but there is no gas stations in many hours radius. We can provide house and shelter for those who are worse off than us. I fetched my husband on the airport today, and brought him with me back to the church", the missionary said, "I feel safe here in the shadow of my Father's wings."

I feel ashamed being so scared miles and miles away.
I'm still praying though, and will not stop doing so.

Monday, March 14, 2011


Some times, when life seems just too bad, like what is happening in Japan these day, I simply have to turn my mind and eyes away from the marring horrors, and polish good memories. They are a part of life too!

Our second day in London bro Kel and I bought Oyester cards for the Subway and out we went, not to buy pizza though.

I prefer the Subway to the intricate forest paths in Norway.
Bro was looking for CD's and had old connections up in Notting Hill.

We didn't walk very long due lousy physical conditions for both of us.
The small colorful shops in Portobello Road are mostly for tourists.
This traveler sure had confidence in the Londoners.

Flowers and spring in London, while snow cowered most of Norway. We were thrilled.

Ruby Tuesday
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