Monday, January 03, 2011


January 6th is the feast of The holy Three Kings or The Three Wise Men, Twelfth Night. I love the story about the faith and incredible stubbornness of these mighty men; who, led by a star, were wandering from the ends of the earth, to search and worship a poor Jewish baby boy,our Jesus, born in a stable.

The figurines in my Nativity Scene
are from left a German wooden Weihnachts Mann, an oriental souvenir, bought on a flee market, made of fabric and leather, and the newest addition, a china figurine from Villeroy & Boch with a place for incense in the middle.Like the Weihnachts Mann, he is a gift from my German friend Christa. We met in 1970 and have been exchanging Christmas gifts since then.
May faith and friends be our leading stars in this new year.

Originated by MaryT, check hers for today