Sunday, November 28, 2010


In summer we have blond nights, but in the winter, with sundown at four p.m., (and it's still going to get darker), we have the blue hour.
This picture was taken outside the church after Christmas mass a year ago, in the blue hour.
It's magic. So silent and yes,- so blue, the light is blue, the sky and the snow is blue
A fairytale tells, that the blue-nisses of the mountain make the blue hour from blueberry juice.
Our heavenly Father knows better. He knows the laws of physics and the psyche of his children. He made it so wisely, that in our darkest days, before the sun once more is turning, the scenery is dressed in white and both dawns and sunsets are blue, filled with dreams and hopes.
To day was first Sunday of Advent, and in less than three weeks my girl will be home for Christmas.