Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Je pence, doce je suis, the philosopher Descartes proclaimed.
I've lately learned that people misinterprets feeling for thinking.
Our local newspaper "Haugesunds Avis" leads the way.

We are all appalled by the pictures from Gaza. In detail presented children being massacred.
That the Hispolla is cowardly hiding among civilians, is barely mentioned.

Nor the fact that they have been shooting rockets at Israel for 8 years.

We are shown crying mothers and dead children.
We cry too.

In Afghanistan Norwegian soldiers together with Americans have been killing civilians for years now.
Besides costing us an incredibly amount of money, mainly paid to the war industry, nobody really knows what or why Norwegian soldiers are fighting in Afghanistan.

We never get to see any picture.
We don't feel anything, therefore we don't think anything either.

The censorship is efficiently upheld.
We never even see a picture from a funeral of a dead Norwegian soldier.
So we simply don't think of the hardships young men are enduring in a foreign country.
We need to be informed preferably in pictures or film to be moved, shaken, appalled.
How many civilians lives have been "unintentionally" taken in Afghanistan?
We'll probably never know.
Neither will any bother to ask.

In the Gaza conflict we were flooded by pictures from that three months military intervention at the Gaza strip.
Nobody writing about the history leading up to the tragedy. Of our common guilt.
Just a violent cry for a crucifixion of the Israeli nation.
A local politician called the Israeli army one of the mightiest armies in the world.
There's 7,6 million inhabitants in Israel.

Our brains have been mismanaged with great skill.
Who's gonna give us license to think?

Monday, April 06, 2009


Church Of Our Savior. Photo Serina
Norwegian Easter Morning is
first Sunday after first full moon after the vernal equinox. This year April 12th. Last Sunday the celebration begun with Palm Sunday. This is called the silent week. Schools have vacation and shops are closed Tuesday, Friday and Monday.
Gunnar and I went to the National Gallery in Oslo where Munch's Shriek is displayed. Somehow it reminds me of Good Friday, by us called Long Friday. If you have heard Ian Gillan cry out on Jesus Christ Superstar, you'll understand why.
Time for contemplation and vacation. Darling daughter is home!
Traditionally lamb is the food for paaske (Norwegian translation from Hebrew). Serina asked for Tandoori Chicken. It's steaming while Gunnar is out at the airport, picking her up.
Church concert this year; The Savior by father of the famous Lloyd Webbers, William.

We always hope for a small Serina air.
Paaske also is candies in an egg, Serina's already almost empty, games and reading. In Norway crime is the must of Easter reading. Long, long tradition. Psychologists say it has to do with the nature of Easter gospel; lying, deceiving, covering up and murder.
Salvation and resurrection not included.

We have a box of Easter decoration in the attic. Hubby Gunnar wasn't able to locate it among the zillion others.
I found this cock in a drawer. He's placed among basel, rosemary and lemon balm.
Hopefully we'll take a trip to Sauda as well.
That will be a topic for next Tuesday.
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