Wednesday, November 08, 2006


I detest being labeled.
People's need to put a sticker on one another,--and then evens worse, making any effort to make their narrow minded judgements come true.
"Oh, you are calling yourself a Christian and then you are drinking wine?!"
(You are cannot be one of us.)
"You are diagnosed with osteoporosis, you should not be so fat."
(Stop eating, pig! Do some exercises, lazy bones)
"Your criticism of the society must mean you are a communist."
(Anyone who is not for us, must be against)
"You shouldn't sleep in the middle of the day. You'll get troubles sleeping at night."
(We don't believe in your ME story at all. We don't know what ME is. We don't want to learn anything about it.)
"How come you can make walks in the forest, and still need a taxi to go to the physiotherapist?"
(Again; you must be faking ?)
Take a break , morons.
I'm fighting for my right to be ill, - as well as regaining some health.
I've lost more money than I can count by not being able to continue with my occupation.
I've tried any alternative treatment in the market, on top of what the Norwegian health care system can provide.
I do not wear a band aid every time a spine bone breaks, but I assure you, it hurts like hell.
I suppose I could put some stickers or buttons on my chest to keep you satisfied, but this will have to do for now.
I intend to go on loving life ,and in fact cherish and embrace it with all my strength and will.

Monday, November 06, 2006

60 Minutes hadde en hjerteskjærende reportasje om folkemordet i Sudan på TV i kveld.Det nytter ikke å beskrive hvordan en systematisk utryddelse av et helt folkeslag foregår.Det blir allikevel bare tomme ord.Det helt uforståelige er at FN vet det, USA har fordømt det fra deres talerstol, mens Sudandelegatene satt og lo.De visste at USA gir dem støtte, fordi regjeringen der gir en viss informasjon om et enkelt menneske; Bin Laden.Kan hevn over en terrorist rettferdiggjøre lukkede øyne stilt overfor de mest grusomme forbrytelser mot menneskeheten? Noen må oversette Øverland og lese for Bush:"Du skal ikke tåle så inderlig vel, den urett som ikke gjelder deg selv."


I am a nurse. I have been in the educating and helping business more or less
since I was nineteen. I am trained to spot people's needs and wants, to speak up for the weak ones and to provide care whenever possible, even when that meant setting aside my own interests.
Now, at the age of fitysix, I am at the other side of the counter. I've got far advanced osteoporosis and am diagnosed with ME. Tough luck.
I am not unique. What I really hate about my crippled situation, is having to ask for help. I have recently been in need of other people's mercy, and even worse: Not getting help when I ask for it.
I have done, and still do more than my share of chores and caretaking.
When I ask, I will not ever be met with the spiteful remark:" Should I have done that, while you were sleeping.?"I sleep to survive, I'm loosing years of my life lying in bed.
It's not for fun, and it's humiliating.
"I called you, but you were asleep." "We came to visit, but you were in bed."
I try to live and make the most of it when possible, and it's really boring listening to people talking about their illnesses.
I deserve some respect when I ask for help.
Yepp, I do.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Green love.

Grass grows.
Grass covers up.
Grass develops.
Grass cultivates.
Grass can be eaten.
Grass can be slain.
Grass can be harvested.
Grass, soft and healing for sore feet.
Grass of our garden, green and fragrant.
Grass, the last to fade away before winter kills.