Monday, February 18, 2013

Mother's Day and Shrovetide

Last Sunday was Shrovetide or Lent Sunday  celebrated.
Birch shrubs are decorated with colored feathers and green leaf shoots eventually burst out after a week in our hot kitchen. They are made and sold every year by elderly women 70 - 80 years of age. Gunnar's mother used to make them, and we buy some bunches every year in memory of her.

The second Sunday of February is Mother's Day in Norway. This was the first Mother's Day when my Mom wasn't here.I actually didn't look that much forwards to the celebration. But Serina did. She had prepared the most beautiful breakfast when I came into the kitchen. The white Wedgewood porcelain was decorated with a flower my mother once made of silver strings and pantyhose fabrics.
Strawberries are my favorite. 

 The table was wonderfully decorated, almost made for Ruby Tuesday.

 Since our car has been out of function the last three weeks there was no way Serina could buy anything but groceries. 
My card was made on her iPad. "Happy Mother's Day. Today the waffle hearts shall beat." Wasn't that a sweet promise?
We had a great celebration. Some naps in between delicious dinner and coffee, but the "day" lasted till 2 hours passed midnight. 

 Besides waiting upon me in every possible way, my daughter had also thought out a present from the colonial store. Irish beer. I hadn't tasted it since the two of us toured Ireland in May. It really was a taste of Ireland. There are still some left in fridge!!

Photo  © 2012 by Magical Mystical Teacher

Ruby Tuesday 2