Friday, December 07, 2012

Norwegian Christmas Carols # 8

For more than fifty years The Silver Boys have "sung the Christmas in," as the expression goes. After church, but before dinner, the boys choir has sung first in the radio later also in TV Christmas Eve.
I try to show you how the Norwegian Christmas Carols are a part of Norwegian Christmas celebration not only in churches, but in kindergartens, in school choirs, among Norwegians abroad, in the mountains and at sea.

Bright and Glorious is the Sky

1. Bright and glorious is the sky,
Radiant are the heavens high
Where the golden stars were shining
And their rays to earth inclining,
Beckoning us to heaven above,
Beckoning us to heaven above.
2. On that holy Christmas night
Through the darkness beamed a light
All the stars above were paling,
All their luster slowly failing,
As the Christmas star drew nigh,
As the Christmas star drew nigh.
3. Sages from the East afar,
When they saw this wondrous star,
Went to the find the King of nations,
And to offer their oblations
Unto Him as Lord and King,
Unto Him as Lord and King.
4. Him they found in Bethlehem,
Yet He wore no diadem;
They but saw a maiden lowly
With an Infant pure and holy,
Resting in her loving arms,
Resting in her loving arms.
5. Guided by the star they found
Him Whose praise the ages sound,
We too have a star to guide us
Which forever will provide us
With the light to find our Lord,
With the light to find our Lord.
6. As a star God’s holy Word
Leads us to our King and Lord;
Brightly from its sacred pages
Shall this light throughout the ages
Shine upon our path of life,
Shine upon our path of life.


Thursday, December 06, 2012

Norwegian Christmas Carols #7

Det kimer nu til julefest is a Danish song, but used in Norway for over hundred years.

Country of Origin: Denmark

1. The bells of Christmas chime once more;
The heavenly guest is at the door
He comes to earthly dwelling still
With new year gifts of peace, good will
2. This world though wide and far outspread,
Could scarcely find for you a bed
Your cradle was a manger stall
No pearl no silk no kingly hall
3. Now let us go with quiet mind,
The swaddled babe with shepherds find,
To gaze on him who gladdens them
The lovliest flow'r of Jesse's stem
4. Oh join with me, in gladness sing,
To keep our Christmas with our King,
Until our song, from loving souls,
Like rushing mighty water rolls!
5. O patriarchs' Joy, O prophets' Song
O Dayspring bright, awaited long
O son of Man, incarnate Word
Great David's Son, great David's Lord
6. Come, Jesus, glorious heav'nly guest,
And keep your Christmas in our breast
Then David's harpstrings, hushed so long,
Shall swell our jubilee of song.

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Norwegian Christmas Carols # 6

This carol was first played on Children's TV. This version shows the a collection of ancient Norwegian Stave Churches. Hope you enjoy.

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Norwegian Christmas Carols # 5

I'm So Glad Each Christmas Eve is written by  a young maiden, Maria Wexelsen, in 1858. Norwegian children has sung this song ever since it was published the year after.
I therefor find it suitable to present the song performed by young school girls. They also sing the carol from yesterday, A Child is Born in Bethlehem.

I am so glad each Christmas Eve,
The night of Jesus’ birth!
Then like the sun the Star shone forth,
And angels sang on earth.

The little Child in Bethlehem,
He was a King indeed!
For He came down from Heaven above
To help a world in need.

He dwells again in heaven’s realm,
The Son of God today;
And still He loves His little ones
And hears them when they pray.

I am so glad on Christmas Eve!
His praises then I sing;
He opens then for every child
The palace of the King.

When mother trims the Christmas tree
Which fills the room with light,
She tells me of the wondrous Star
That made the dark world bright.

She says the Star is shining still,
And never will grow dim;
And if it shines upon my way,
It leads me up to Him.

And so I love each Christmas Eve
And I love Jesus, too;
And that He loves me every day
I know so well is true.

Norwegian Christmas Hymns and Carols # 4

Norwegians are going south, preferably to live in Spain when getting elderly. Like so many others they need sun and warmth when their limbs are getting stiff. Yet they carry the old traditions with them. The old hymns with 12 verses. Most of them need no help to remember.
A child is born in Bethlehem is an old favorite.

This version is sung to an old Folk Tune

Monday, December 03, 2012

Norwegian Christmas hymns and carols # 3

Third day in Advent. Yesterday we lit the first candle and attended a Christmas concert in The Church of Our Saviour.
Norwegians gather in Advent to sing and listen to traditional Christmas hymns. The churches are filled up. I think it's wonderful. The power of genuine lyrics and familiar singing attract people all over the country.
This psalm is about the church bells chiming the Good News; Christ is born.
Kling no klokka is sung in various way to the same old folk tune.
The many choirs are inspired to find their tune.
Therefore I have willingly given you 2 different examples. Enjoy
I actually tried to post 3, but had to stop. The third simply would not appear.

Sunday, December 02, 2012

Norwegian Christmas Carols # 2

Sweet Ruby has belonged to our extended family since she was eleven. Now she's soon to become 26, has taken a bachelor degree in England, stayed together with her Ørjan for 6 years and this year became the happy mother of Loke. The family has established themselves in Ruby's birth town where the hymn for first Sunday of Advent is  recorded in the main church.


Det lyser i stille grender [Julekveld]
Det lyser i stille grender
av tindrande ljos ikveld,
og tusunde barnehender
mot himmelen ljosi held.
Og glade med song dei helsar
sin broder i himmelhall,
som kom og vart heimsens frelsar
som barn i ein vesal stall.
Han låg der med høy til pute,
og gret på si ringe seng,
men englane song der ute
på Betlehems aude eng.
Der song dei for fyrste gongen
ved natt over Davids by,
den evige himmelsongen
som alltid er ung og ny.
Songen som atter tonar
med jubel kvar julenatt.
um barnet, Guds son og sonar
som myrkret for evigt batt.
Jakob Sande-
You might translat the text from New Norwgian to English yourself.
It's certainly worth the while.