Saturday, May 14, 2011

Bømlo, a ruby and emerald island

It took a long time for the spring defeating king Winter this year.
By end of April/beginning of May our beloved princess finally won.

The hiker girls went to visit one of the members' hut (hytte) on this island Bømlo just north of Haugesund. Elbjørg grew up on this farm here, om a small island with no bridge or road over to the main island.
Back then it was hard work on the farm, going by row boat to school, but also lots of precious memories from that close knit community.

Where the old smith house stood, Ebjørg has created a small park.
She's literally cut stone, made stone walls, freighted mold soil and planted.

Liv is thrilled to be back on this paradise on earth.

The hut was set up in 1963 by Elbjørg's husband. Their youngest son has taken over the farm, not to live there, but to have an open house for family and friends.

Sheep from the vicar's farm are keeping the cultivated landscape free from overgrowth. The old barn are not being used for other than storage of sporting equipments.

The barn isn't even painted on all sides. We are walking into the woods to explore Elbjørg's fairytale land.

This shed was kept to boil water for the cattle and clean milking gears.
The roof panes are old raw cut slate plates. This is an 18th century building.

The old, solid made road are now only used by hikers.

Elbjørg left and Torill are thrilled to show us the secrets of the woods.

A wood land full of yellow, smelling primroses, waiting to be picked by old ladies with little girls in their hearts.

Tilly, who also grew up on a farm, 70 years ago, has got that sweet, girlie luck look on her face.

Torill is challenging nature and forces on the edge of a steep cliff.
She's frame by the laces of the not fully sprung trees.

Elbjørg's elder brothers made these table and benches of stone back in another lifetime. The youth used to gather here in the blond nights.

Four lucky ladies with their primrose bouquets. Here was the glen where they once used to dance, helped by a fiddler or an accordeonist.

Elbjørg still is joining a dance group every Wednesday. If you doubleclick, you'll see the happy faces of she and Liv.

As usual on the coast, the weather was changing all day, from wind and gray sky to sun and blue.
Here's a boathouse/ storehouse fro fish and fishing boats. The lift hanging out from the third floor is still in use.

This is how it looks like while resting on the pier belonging to Elbjørg's hut.

Liv is greeting the small crab fishes.

Finally; dinner at the terrace.Menu hot dogs and mashed potatoes, with strawberries and cream for dessert.
God bye to Børøy. Hope we'll see you again soon.

I'm uploading this post now, cause next Tuesday is May 17th. Lots of work to be done before the celebration of the Norwegian Constitution Day.
See you on the 18th.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I bought the most read cook book in Norway, Henriette Schønberg Erken's Great Cook Book, on a recent fleemarket for a farthing.
The book has a leather binding, gold letters and a remarkable flower decoration on the section side. It's a special edition from 1938.
I've never seen anything like it before. picture # 1 is in sepia. Picture # 2 has natural colors. I wonder, is this decoration made by hand?

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Monday, May 09, 2011


Spring has exploded on us. Sun up at 5.30 and down at 10. This ruby dawn is taken at 5 a.m. through the library window, while the new sprung birch leaves were dancing sun rise polka in the storm.

My garden is a colorful wild mix of weed , seed and bulbs.
Pollen of all kinds are making the air think with dust and all Gunnar's 30 allergies are blossoming too.

I know our garden needs some water, but like my mother, I am superstitious about watering.
It's a cry for rain, that's only too soon answered. My rhododendrons don't agree.

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