Tuesday, August 18, 2009


The red and rainy stadium being filled up with 15ooo wet, but happy spectators.

Norwegian school end their summer holiday about the 20th of August.
With hubby Gunnar being a teacher those and have always been busy days. To daughter Serina every fall have been
equally fully booked for the fifteen years she has been going to school.
It so happens that our wedding anniversary is August 19th.

This year I asked Gunnar to fulfill my big celebration wish.

A day at the football stadium with my all time favorite soccer team; BRANN; means FIRE.
BRANN's home stadium is in Bergen 3 hours drive north of Haugesund.
It is forty years since I last saw "my" team play live in Bergen.
There were singing, shouting and jokes all over the place. I sung along from the bottom of my heart.

The most charming and enthusiastic team ever.
The audience, even better, singing and shouting of a full and honest heart, through the ups and downs of their beloved team.
A soccer team has eleven men on the field. Brann has a twelfth player; its audience.
This soaky, rainy Sunday our team won 4 to 2.
That's considered a huge win.

We stayed in a nice hotel a couple of nights just to celebrate and to see out daughter well off to her uni. She drove in our old car all by her self over mountains and under fjords.
The winning team thanking "The Twelfth man" for support.
Originated by MaryT, check hers for today.