Saturday, March 05, 2011


My pewter is up, thanks to G & G.
I have enjoyed spring in London, daffodils and outdoor cafes.
King Winter still rules back home, and we have ski World Championship going on in Oslo, with the Danish, Swedish and Norwegian royalties watching Norway win.
Congratulations to Canada who bet our hero, Northug, once on 15 kilometers...

This weekend I divide my time between the telli and a new crash course; T'ai Chi, Chi Gong and Feldenkrais combined.
Still waiting for the new kitties to arrive into this world.

Monday, February 28, 2011


My brother Knut Erik/ aka Kel and I have been a wonderful eight days celebration of his 60th birthday in London.
There's only the two of us siblings, so we are pretty close, even though we only see each other in vacations.

First time we went abroad, back in 1969, we traveled together with a tramp-boat over the North Sea, and came to London via Flixburgh and Scarborough.
We went to the Norwegian Seaman's Church to get help finding accommodation and a adventurous time back then as well.

The picture on this blog is eight years old taken on our last visit to London. Later on we took Christmas cruises over to New Castle as "salary" for writing in a bridge magazine together.

Anyway, I was so eager to copy my photos from London over to my computer, that I managed to shipwreck the whole machine.
Now Gunnar is letting me use his old PC, but I will not be posting more, if not my new machine with all its "valuable " content cannot be repaired.
I give it a month. It's just too sad and annoying.

Oh, yes, I am the queen of self pity just now. So be it.