Saturday, April 30, 2011

Hectic April Life

All these days coming and going. Little did I realize they were life itself.
I didn't get to see excepts from the English Royal Wedding till 12 hours after it was all over.
My mother, being an if not royalist, so at least Dianalist, gave me a thorough summary at about 8 this afternoon.
She also told me she had been finishing the fertilizing in her garden, so I had hurry out, trying not to fall to far behind. She is my rolemodel and inspirer.

This morning I had my weekly appointment with the physiotherapist. She is a genius and I always return renewed home from an hour of exercises.
Meanwhile Gunnar had to bring our precious cat, Amidala, (named by Serina) to the vet. Being busy mothering 5 kittens, she still managed to get a new vower , ran off a couple of times and had to be spayed in a hurry.
She's been doing fine afterwards. Eating penicillin and even doing a few walks in the garden with her abdomen all bandaged.
She is some queen to us.

In three days we have given away all the kittens, now eight weeks, to three wonderful families. I prayed for this from the day they were born. We have gotten used to meeting with six cats each morning, and it's been a busy time, especially for Gunnar. He has managed to get them house trained and eating food and behaving like..well kittens all day long.
They were used to sleeping close to each other, and we therefore were extremely happy that two of the families chose to take to kittens each. They were all experienced "cat people". The fifth came to a country home with a horse, a dog and yet another cat. I thank He who cares for the sparrows that He helped the kitten's leaving go so smoothly.
Besides we have delivered rather complicated tax returns and hope for some "pay back" in June.
Did I tell I had an appointment with the family doc and got more antibiotics?

Tomorrow is an early rise. We've got a flee-market to catch.
Have a blessed week end and entrance to the wonderful month of May.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Norwegian Easter

There are three times I need to be in the the home where I grew up, and where my mother still lives; summer, Christmas and Easter.
Since I left my birth-home to study I have always striven to get home for these celebrations. This year we had 6 cats in our care, and therefor had to split the vacation.
We somehow got to share moments together, the core family; my mother, my brother, our daughter, husband G and myself.

Tommasi white wine, feathers and a huge egg, all symbols of Easter.

My painting of a knitting woman always reminds me of my mother.

My mother with some of her new year production. She has already given three pairs of socks away.

As usual we played Chinese Checkers, and as always my mother beat me.
No mercy when it comes to games in the Ljung family.

Breakfast table. My mother has painted the porcelain Easter breakfast set.

Pagan Sauda. We are standing on the Hovland (Hoofland) farm looking up on the Hoofland peak. I was there once with my Dad, so it's kind of my special mountain. Hov or Hoof is the place where offerings to the pagan gods took place.
Eating eggs are also related to easter morning. Pagan fertility rite, as is the color yellow, the Easter color.

Indoor roses with throbs, a reference to Christ.

We celebrated Easter night (Saturday) in Haugesund, making a bonfire on the terrace.
The blond nights are already here. We sat outside till 3 a.m.

Easter Morning in our garden both tulips and narcissus sprung during the warm Easter week. Paske is Norwegian for Easter, from Hebrew and not pagan at all.
Last hint of ruby on our red shrub. It was once a big tree, withered and is now grow up from a root.

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