Friday, September 21, 2012


I don't even know the name of this tree. We didn't plant the garden originally.
When we talk of "the tree" this is what we are referring to. A four season beauty.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Counting Ruby Blessings

Blogging isn't that easy when life is going steep uphill. I have to focus on breathing and where to place my feet. Blog Sister Debbie has taught me that counting blessings is a wonderful way of holding on to the good things in life. 

On our way home from a cousin meeting in August we stopped by this old light house now open to visitors. Here's a museum, an art gallery and beautiful coast surroundings. The sky has the rare August blue color.               
You can see why this sea way to Stavanger needed a light house. Small islands, riffs and underwater rock all the way.

 The staircase up to the tower was old and steep. I said I'd never make it, but hey; I did.

The Norwegian coast line is like an intricate  work of lace with fjords and islands 25148 kilometers long. No wonder our coast needs to be guarded by lights and earlier also lighthouse watchmen. They worked 24/7 all around the year in the toughest surroundings. Luckily many had their family living with them as a support.

These days almost all lighthouses have been automatized. They still live on as monuments of guardsman ship and valuable historic buildings.

Tungenes lighthouse also is the gallery of the painter Oskar Sorreime. He was above all a master of sky painting. Need I tell we returned home with uplifted spirits?

Actually the meaning and the strength of the lighthouse has been made a parable of Jesus in the hymn voted the most popular in Norway by the end of last century .
Google translation goes like this:

"In the midst of the darkness of night flashes, like a lighthouse beacons Jesus' name
And every homeless sailor waved to the safe harbor of salvation
And when the sun shines more a Jesus-name will light on,
Then the crowd sings saved its high price in the heaven."

Magical Mystery Teacher is hosting Ruby Tuesday 2 together with Gemma Wiseman