Sunday, October 19, 2008


Originated by MaryT, check hers for today
Happy Halloween, with red points.
The teach is right; Halloween is a strange cult in Norway.
The closest we get is "All Souls' Day", which is an ancient celebration of the dead, held November 2nd.
That day we cherish and honor our dead, preferably in church. No monster pumpkin, no threatening "trick or treat",no scary masks.
Last Sunday hubby Gunnar and I were at an exhibition at the old Vicarage. These knitted vegetables in a knitted kitchen shall be my treat for Ruby Halloween.
We don't celebrate thanksgiving either, except for children placing neatly washed crops from the fields on the altar of the church, one Sunday in September.
If I've got you right, the second most important about thanksgiving, is families being gathered. Our single child, Serina, here pictured in a restaurant up north near by her college; well, she's coming home THIS VERY WEEK-END!!
Thanks, Lord.