Monday, December 14, 2009


My American blog friends have been decorating for Christmas since end of November.
I have been waiting for Serina to come home. She is half the reason we are decorating, and she is indeed my best helper.

After running up and down our attic ladder with a zillion boxes, she makes the decorations and also does some modeling for her mama.
The old youle-nisse is sitting on his place in the library. Gunnar was almost not scared at all this year. I bet niece Kristine Maria has adjusted to him as well after 20 years.
He may be the youngest family member, but the sweater he's wearing was originally made for me and later carried by Serina. He has occupied my favorite book, Glog, written by blog friend John Cowart.
The Strawbucks are offering the birch nisses a cop of.....Starbucks, I guess.

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