Wednesday, July 08, 2009


The Rose

Some say love, it is a river
that drowns the tender reed.
Some say love, it is a razor
that leaves your soul to bleed.
Some say love, it is a hunger,
an endless aching need.
I say love, it is a flower,
and you it's only seed.
It's the heart afraid of breaking
that never learns to dance.
It's the dream afraid of waking
that never takes the chance.
It's the one who won't be taken,
who cannot seem to give,
and the soul afraid of dyin'
that never learns to live.
When the night has been too lonely
and the road has been to long,
and you think that love is only
for the lucky and the strong,
just remember in the winter
far beneath the winter snows
lies the seed that with the sun's love
in the spring becomes the rose.
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Tuesday, July 07, 2009


Serina fronting her first work ever as a tiler. She bought, carried, dug and laid the stone tiles between Mom's flower beds.
Celebrating my mother's 84th birthday outside the old mountain hut. Brother Kel eating cake and fresh strawberries, my mother wearing a new summer hat, gift from Serina.
Other gifts, subscription on daily newspaper and weekly magazine with lots of x words, 8 sacks of earth and manure. All according to her wish list.

The Dubliners, named after James Joyce's short stories, held a wonderful concert on the keys in our town. I clapped hands and sung along, as did the rest of the audience.
Afternoon coffee in our upper garden.

In grandmother's garden. The two are really good friends. Serina has found wild strawberries.
Serina making tea from False Jasemine.
Gunnar's great shot from Cross Hill.
Serina and I met Lina Kristine at a Kaizers rock consert. Wow. Was it great. We sat back in a big tent. Had to stand on the tables to see the band and clap our hands to the heavy beats from the oil barrel.
Sundown at Stone Mountain where the troll Alfred lives.
Hiker girls picked their St Hans bouquet. Seven different wildflowers under your pillow will tell who you are going to marry.
Turid learned to bind a flower wreath. Somehow the children in Haugesund didn't do that.
Now they do. Serina and all her friends loved wearing flower wreaths.

Midsummer night is a big celebration in Norway. Every neighborhood has its own bonfire to frighten the witches on their way to Blocksberg.
My mother and Serina really made them frightened as they almost set fire to the whole garden...
The night is called St.Hans Eve , a celebration of John the Baptist. Hans = Johannes = John = Jean= Jo = Juan= Jan= Jon= ....

Turid gathered the gang to inaugurate their new living room with a view. Liv posing in the oriel.
Midsummer midnight sundown in Gunnar's glasses.
Fronting the beautiful "False Jasmine".

Dear Fellow Bloggers, I should at least comment on all the sweet greetings. I am truly encouraged and happy to stay in contact with each and everyone of you. Your well wishes and prayers are highly appreciated. To quote my dear, late uncle Leif, "I am by high courage." I will at least be posting some pictures in the near future. We have been doing a bit of traveling, concerting, celebrating midsummer and my mother's birthday. For two weeks we've been having South European summer temperatures. We have been walked barefoot all day, been relaxing at the beach and enjoyed the flowers and bird life in our garden. Soon it will be time for harvesting. I already have started making Black Elder flower juice. I have delivered all your nice congratulations to my mother. She's quite overwhelmed. Particularly by the wonderful posts Terry made her. I've had my right forearm in a bandage with a steel bow to keep the hand fixated. I've done a plenty of reading, and that's a wonderful thing. So many blessings this summer. Since both Gunnar and I can not use our hands for work for the time being, we've hired Serina to paint our house. She'll be starting soon. She has been with my mother for three weeks doing gardening, even tiling a path, wood chopping and chauffeur work. She needs a job, we need help. The good Lord is holding his hands over us. I was at facebook this spring, for a couple of weeks only, mainly to keep contact with relatives. (They are numerous like a rain forest, Serina says.) It wasn't my cup of tea. Too hectic and to many to relate to, just superficially. I was actually relieved when I signed off.
I love my Blogger friends though,and will try to stay updated.

Yours Felisol.