Monday, August 22, 2011


This has definitely been a season when I have learned to seize the moment. Midst in storm, rain, family losses, illness and terror on Norwegian soil, I have had wonderful hours of beauty, sun and tranquillity. More than any-time before I value everyday life, with all its blessings and wonders. Like these double soapwort plants I learned to know for the first time, at our favourite beach on the island. The bouquet was lying on my side of the dashboard as we were leaving after a relaxing afternoon. They smell wonderfully,- like soap and I am now waiting for the flowers to set seed for my herb garden next year.

Painting white houses and red boathouses is an unwritten rule all along the coastline. The old fishermen and farmers also had an eye for beauty. Here at a pit stop on the long, but unique road from my Mom to Haugesund.

Late evenings and spectacular sundowns are Nordic summer specials. Who on earth would want to go to bed while the nature is playing its colourful summer rhapsodies?

Or when the silvery moon tells secrets from faraway solar systems to the sea and the wind in the dark, velvet nights.

Daughter Serina is fading away from a turbulent summer to her last semester at Volda. She had to grow up in a hurry, working for the second largest TV network in Norway the weeks around 7.22.
She will be doing fine. God bless her and protect her on her 12 hour long road trip which she's about to embark on, while I am writing.

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