Friday, December 01, 2006


"I ain't saying that I beat the Devil, but I drank his beer, and then I stole his song" quote Kris Kristoffersson.
Now I'm looking forward to Christmas, opening that huge, fat iPod, that I know, for almost certain, will be lying under the Christmas tree.


I made it through the night.
Moonlighting music till 5 in the morning. Now I have got a mouse arm and a rat's shoulder. I'll have to rent help for the Christmas house cleaning, (which by the way has to be done extremely thoroughly in Norway). I'll stick to making hearts of wool for the kitchen windows instead.
It's the first day of advent. My daughter and I started the celebration one hour after midnight. We turned off the electric lights, lit some candles and watched the first show in the veteran series "Christmas in Cobbler's Street"

Thursday, November 30, 2006

iTunes 4450

I hate systems which make me feel like an idiot.
My neck is stiff, my blood sugar low and my intelligence insulted by the iTunes reappearing dialogue telling me that burning disc failed, due to error 4450. Then I have to click on the OK sign to try once more. It is not OK at all. For the time being I loathe Steve Mac Jobs and his red chinned Appleboys.
Since I was stupid enough to download the new version of iTunes, my middle name has been failure and trouble.
My husband is blindly fascinated by the Apple brand and likewise negative to Microsoft. I think he has been fooled. Jobs is just another rip-off guy, who wants to make big bucks and leave his grey haired customers to handle his cheap solutions. If I lived in the USA, I would sue him for all the hours I have been forced to spend burning two CDs.
As it is, I can give up or change to Media Player.
I'll have to think about that.
The problem is, I am no quitter. It has cost me dearly.

Sunday, November 26, 2006


I made it, all by myself.
Managed to change the Blog setting, and now all my November Blogs are recovered.


Because of my ME, I have to be choosy when deciding whom or what to share my time with.
I've made up an access denied list:
1. Reading Sophie's World, The Da Vincie Code, Harry Potter, Tolkien (anything) or The Half Brother(sorry, Saabye Christensen, I've tried twice, the novel is booooring).
2. Give another go if I fail reloading the blogs written in November -06.
3. Working for free for millionaires. ("You can always send in a story to my magazine if you like to!")
4. Allowing my daughter work weeks after school, writing a karate play in English, directing the same play, making costumes for the play, rehearsing and acting, and not even getting credited for her free work. Shame on you, Alf Ronny!
5. Be over eager reaching out to help "people in need". They always spit on me when they've gotten what they were after....And then come back for more.
6. The worst thing of all, become bitter and unforgiving.
I'll have to use my brain eraser, forget and go on.