Monday, September 19, 2011

Finally Ruby Tuesday again

It's finally time and space in my life to participate in a new Ruby Tuesday.
My mother has been ill for 4 weeks now, so ill they didn't give us any hope she would survive.Here she's home from the hospital, studying the Scarf Sister Bible. I think she's looking swell, but then again, I am not objective in this matter. Mom is living with Gunnar and me for the time being, but we've got nurses attending to her 5 times a day. One of the benefits of living in a country with health care for ordinary people.
My mother lost two of her siblings in less than two weeks prior to her heart collapse. Now she's looking at the family picture to the left every day, telling old family tales and mourning at the same time.

Here's Gunnar's friend Per visiting. He's fond of elderly people and not afraid of giving an old lady a hug.
I guess he prefers his wife and his brand new Alfa Romeo though, in that order.

I steeled out in the garden for a minute yesterday. Only two ripe apples on our apple tree.

I'm not quite sure about this photo fiddling, but as always, I'm in a hurry and eager to show you our first price product.

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