Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sepia Enchantment

Our family doctor has rented this marvelous art decor town house for his practice.
The clean pillars, the swung lines, and suddenly the gargoyles are making faces at us, when we visit. There are also some beautiful stained glasses. I'll use them for Ruby Tuesday.

A Gargoyle's Tears

Sunday, October 27, 2002

The tears of an ancient gargoyle,
perched on a ruin's wall,
frozen there by nature's hand,
condemned to never fall.

The gnarled and eerie features
of it's stony, staring face,
though worn by time, still give us pause
in this cold and lonely place.

What ancient craftsman fashioned this,
what nightmare caused his mind,
to give this creature angel's wings,
then sculpt it's face unkind ?

What spiteful muse did whisper
and guide the maker's hand
to loathesome brow, to leering grin
and evil crouching stand ?

Eyes that only seem to glare
in anger at the fate,
that gave it only ugliness,
then made it sit, and wait.

In cold eternal silence,
it's tears the only trace,
of a soul forever hiding,
the truth, behind the face

Patricia A. Boudreau.

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Monday, May 24, 2010


May 17th or syttende mai is the reddest day in Norway. Our flags of red, white and blue are seen in every corner of the town..
This year we went home to my birth town to celebrate the day with my mother. There are at least three parades in every little town, often four. The one you won't miss is the school parade. Even the King and Queen of Norway are saluting the children from the balcony on the Royal Castle in Oslo.No military power, not a single gun is displayed, just happy singing children, some teachers and lots of brass bands.
Most of the women and some men are dressed in bunads. Handmade in every little detail and equipped with pure silver jewelry.My mother has personally made her, mine and two of Serina's bunads.(One for children, another for her confirmation.)
Our National anthem, our King Song and our four National hymns all celebrate God as our creator.
It has always been a tradition to go to church after the school parade. Just this year a minority group had forced through a confession neutral celebration. I so missed the children in church.
The American Miss Apron is resting in my lap.
Happy Ruby Tuesday and a heartfelt celebration of spring to all of you.

Originated by MaryT, check hers for today