Monday, November 07, 2011

Our Ruby Everyday Life

"All these days, coming and going, little did I know that they were life itself."These sad words were uttered by a Swedish lady in her nineties.

I hope I've learned from her mistakes. Our everydays are so precious to me.
Like this orchid standing in the kitchen window, with these tiny red drawings in the middle of the flowers.

Short visit in Sauda. Even in the cold white surroundings I see some red on the wall. Holding round my mother is indeed colouring my day.

Being members of the local art gallery we get value for our small fee.
Interesting exhibitions from home and abroad all around the year.
Often young talents trying their wings for the first time.

Valand, a long time deceased local artist, perfectly demonstrates how a dot of red can give a painting depth and life.

Some days I start tidying up in old paper clippings, only to be halted by pictures like this.Serina four years playing with watercolours and oil on the back side of a tapestry rest.
Amidala is balancing on the piano, keeping attention over the garden and the neighbourhood birds and cats.

She also comes curling in my lap while I am busy blogging or net shopping.

I find comfort shopping quite intriguing and contagious.
I found a picture I just had to snatch in front of some other costumers on the annual autumn exhibition. Gunnar applauded while taking picture.

Gunnar is providing us day by day with our gluten free bread.
He's phenomenal, using almost no yeast, but letting the dough raise for 12 hours; what patience.

I bought cheap rubber boots on the local net-thrift shop.
While collecting them we were surprised by the marvellous view of a to early sunset. The days are growing shorter all the time now till December 21st. Today the sun will be down at half past four. That is way too early.

Then there's wonderful moonlight, myriads of stars to gaze at and the occasional Aurora Borealis.
Ten years ago Gunnar wrote this poem after he and Serina had been out enjoying the wonders of the sky one autumn evening. Serina made the poem into a painting and gave him for father's day, which will be next Sunday in Norway.

Oh, yes, I'm greedy at seizing moments. "Sternstunden", to quote Stephan Zweig.

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