Monday, March 12, 2012

The art of letting go

My life closed twice before its close;
It yet remains to see
If Immortality unveil
A third event to me,
So huge, so hopeless to conceive,
As these that twice befell.
Parting is all we know of heaven,
And all we need of hell.

Emily Dickinson

Gunnar took these photos of one my toughest partings. July 23rd 2011.
The day after the right wing terrorist, whose name I will not bother to mention, robbed Norway for its innocence and turned our world upside down.
We were to meet with our daughter to watch a Shakespeare play in wonderful Rosendal. Our two day vacation. Serina had a summer job in TV2, Bergen. She was among the first to know. I forbade them to turn on the telly, if we were going to see the play afterwards. I simply could not do both. We only knew about the bombing then. I was hysteric about it. The news would reach us soon enough. We needed each other now.
While I was in complete denial, the murderer went around shooting young, defenseless teenagers through their head.

The next day the joyful summer village was totally silent. People whispered. I didn't want to part. I offered to go with her. I by and by understood my daughter was turning into an adult before my very eyes.

P.S. Like Emily Dickinson I know of Immortality.

I never saw a moor,
I never saw the sea;
Yet know I how the heather looks,
And what a wave must be.

I never spoke with God,
Nor visited in heaven;
Yet certain am I of the spot
As if the chart were given.

Emily Dickinson

Pictures shot by Gunnar Jacobsen.

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