Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Land of Elves

Ten days ago (oh, how time flies)several cousins and our spouses gathered at the school where our parents went a lifetime ago. We had a gathering 16 years ago, and later on have only met occasionally. The last years we have mostly met in funerals. It was actually in a funeral a month ago it was decided we needed to meet and have a good time together. Great success.

Gunnar and I decided to stay at a seasort hotel for one more night. As so often we went out to catch the magic of the sundown by the sea.
Arne Garborg, my mother's favorite poet , has described the sundown like no one else.

"From sea a land of elves arise,
with peaks and moors" the first stanza goes.
That is why the scenery in which my mother grew up is called Land of Elves.

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