Friday, February 27, 2009

That was that week that was

Missing my baby, still rejoicing over she having fun in Volda.

Monday I spent worrying about my eyes. The sight had gradually worsened, in spitte of two kind of grops and annoinment to be applied five times a day.
Working with the pictures for my Ruby blog, I finally could hardly see the screen. Colors blurring and my eyes two inches from the working surface aching, colors changing like they were solarized.
I was convinced I was about becoming blind.
I prayed and made my blogfriends praying.
Tuesday the hiker girls went out for a four hour trip. I tagged along. Thought I might as well enjoy the adventure of the spring as suffering at home. We saw snowdrops blossoming every where and also the .
In thee evening I went to see Turid. She is gifted with warm hands and they really soothed my eyes.
Wednesday(on Serina's birthday) Gunnar and I went south, under three tunnels and over the fjord with a ferry to attend a dear uncle's funeral. My third uncle dying in less than a year. So sad to meet my aunt and my cousins under these circumstances.
Thursday I had my physiotherapist therapy and came home rather weak. No time for letting the soare muscles recover and adjust to the therapy. Due to major urgency I telephoned from 10.30 am till 18 pm to get my mom's bank fix some severe mistakes made by them.
I had to contact their superiors in Oslo until they finally came to their senses.
Gunnar and I went to and from Sauda to see to my poor Mom. She was exhausted too.
Friday morning we woke up to motor saw roar.
Our neighbor had rented a firm to cut our trees while he himself had hidden abroad. (To put in mildly cowardish).
I was devastated, cause they did not only cut branches, like we had agreed, but severely damaged the trunk both of the spruces and the birches So late in spring the sap has already risen in the trees and the birds started to build nest.
There are not many Christian thought in my head concerning those vandals.
Saturday was meant to be a girlfriend gathering out at Seahill, hiking and dinner.
I have to pass.
My eyes are getting better all the time though.
Monday I thought that if I loose my sight, I'll loose most of what's important to me in life.
In my vanity I said to God , I'll never complain about anything if you just let me keep what remains of sight and hearing.
Guess I've had to eat these words and lots of dust too. One should not give God promises.
At least reflect on how one, weak and vulnerable in flesh will be able to keep such a promise.
Close to sixty I still have a lot to learn.

Good thing though,the mild weather able me, with the help of Gunnar, to spread ten 50 litre sacks of fertile soil in the garden.
I also planted 50 sprouting bulbs and 10 Primroses.
Anger gives my energy surplus.
Except from Thursday I have had perfect control over my menu, thanks to Debbie's genuine advice.
And despite 3 buns and one hotdog & coke that fatal Thursday, I've lost a kilo.
Guess life could be worse.
Oh, Iknow for sure, life is harsher to a great many people.
I just had to blow out some black steam.
Gunnar made this video of the vandalism.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Dear Serina.
I've swapped Terry's birthday card for you.
dad and I say Happy birthday +1.
Also happy belated birthday to Broder Knut Erik, February 24th and Uncle Leif February 26th.
The Tjaalands have been busy celebrating end of February for three generations.
Hipp hipp hipp Hurray.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Originated by MaryT, check hers for today.

The theme of last Tuesday has inspired me to right more about love. The agape kind of love this time.
More specifically about the important work done by thousands and thousands of housewives, women of small means, but great love and will.
According to my dictionary they are "Women volunteer workers who provide non-professional care and service for the sick and convalescent".
In short; there's no accurate English term for these extraordinary women.

Through out the years they have gathered money and built hospitals for tuberculosis patients, orphanages, recreation centers for housewives, and in the later 3 decades they have done a tremendous job for people suffering from rheumatism. They also have several school for educating nurses.
How do they manage all this? Amongst other things by selling these special lent feather brushwoods. First they gather birch brushwood in January.
Then these hen feathers are neatly tied to the
brushwood with metal threads. Other women go from door to door to sell them. Both Gunnar's mother and my friend Liv have been members of this association. It's a lifetime commitment.
Norway has been a officially protestant country for five hundred years, since the days of Martin Luther. Nevertheless we celebrate the Catholic lent. This Sunday was "Bunsunday". Eating fat food to prepare for the long fast. Then comes Bluemonday, Shrovetuesday and Ashwednesday. Further doesn't our fast go. We still have the redletter days, eat buns with whipped cream and buy the lent brushwood.
The brushwood being part of a pagan fertility celebration dating back to the ancient Romans. Gently whipping of the wives was supposed to maintain their fertility. Barbaric? Guess so.
The remnisance of the paganism has helped sick, poor and chronic ill for a century.
That can't be bad at all. The feathers of the bouquet of this year was bound by a woman of 82.It's a fidelity to one's dedication and a
love for one's next one just have to admire without any reservations.

Today the first mouse-ears sprouted on the birch.
Luke 6:38Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.