Monday, November 10, 2008


Family cannot be bought, it's a free gift.
Memories attached to the past help us treasure our roots and bring the history to new generations.
This chest comes from Astrid, sister of my Dad's mother. It's probably elder than 1819, the lack of rosepaint shows that.
My Dad's parents married in 1910. The red chair was bought then with a short sofa and one more chair.
When it was time to share inheritance, the four brothers made five heaps. (one also for aunt Elly, then a missionary in Kenya.) One of the brothers was placed with his back to the heaps and the others asked who shall have this heap? Until all the belongings of my grandparents were righteously shared.
This chair stood in our fireplace room. My dad used to sit there, listening to his old records.
Original fabric, plush, on the backside. There used to be a row of small tassels dangling from the armrests and also under the seat of the chair. I loved playing with them, crawling around on the floor while the adults were drinking coffee.
Best heritage; living, caring cousins. Vivian came over from Chicago as my Dad and my uncle gradually sickened. She was the treasure of their hearts, being the first niece, daughter of their only sister.
Cousin Reidar has really taken care of family heritage.
Here in the loft over his garage.

Cars and car accessories are Reidar's passion.
He literally grew up in the garages of his dad and uncle.

Memorabilia from the old buses of my granddad.
Red?? Adults ticket.
Cousin Reidar and his wife are passionate veteran car enthusiasts. At this occasion Gunnar and I were allowed to sit back in the master's seats, while my cousin drove his Buick to a number one position. Red? Cars in the background, Berit's dress and my shoes.
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