Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Oh, gift of God, oh, perfect day,
where I am allowed to harvest gifts for free.

Monday is hiking day. On our way we found big bushes of bog myrtle.

Serina searching in our old American recipe box.

The smell of bog myrtles make insects disappear.
Leaves are antibacterial, helps both animals and humans

Gunnar drove me to our special place to gather Black Elderberry flowers.
I spent the rest of the evening making juice for the winter.

2 litres of water boiled
1 kilo brown sugar
3 lemons
25 grams citric acid
poured in a bowl with about 60 composites of Black Elderberry flowers.
Let stay cool for three days.
Strain the liquid and poor into freezer cartons.
Store them in the freezer for a rainy day.
Black Elder even fights virus, and is a real
helper to the immune system.
The vikings always had a Black Elderberry tree close to the barn. To cure sick animals, and because the goddess Freya was said to stay in those trees.
Even today one can find BC trees growing high and strong beside the barn, though only few seems to know the reason why.

New barn, old tree to the left.