Monday, November 06, 2006


I am a nurse. I have been in the educating and helping business more or less
since I was nineteen. I am trained to spot people's needs and wants, to speak up for the weak ones and to provide care whenever possible, even when that meant setting aside my own interests.
Now, at the age of fitysix, I am at the other side of the counter. I've got far advanced osteoporosis and am diagnosed with ME. Tough luck.
I am not unique. What I really hate about my crippled situation, is having to ask for help. I have recently been in need of other people's mercy, and even worse: Not getting help when I ask for it.
I have done, and still do more than my share of chores and caretaking.
When I ask, I will not ever be met with the spiteful remark:" Should I have done that, while you were sleeping.?"I sleep to survive, I'm loosing years of my life lying in bed.
It's not for fun, and it's humiliating.
"I called you, but you were asleep." "We came to visit, but you were in bed."
I try to live and make the most of it when possible, and it's really boring listening to people talking about their illnesses.
I deserve some respect when I ask for help.
Yepp, I do.

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Amrita said...

I am so sorry to hear about your osteoporosis and ME.
I suffer from rhheumatoid arthritis (much better with herbal treatment) auto sclerosis, and some kind of an eye disorder. Plus sinus trouble