Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Rocky Road to Bethlehem

Almost finished.
December means two birthdays (mine and my husband´s). This year it has also been necessary to be three places at one time. Doing all the shopping for my brother, my mother and ourselves, writing cards, sending flowers, decorating our home, then five days at my parents´to prepare for the big family gathering due to last a week, more shopping, more ill relatives, very little sleep. BUT this is just the dark side of the Christmas moon. Now I´m looking forward to celebrate and relax together with the people I love the most.
The first day of Christmas, when all the giving and getting are done with, church has been visited, hymns are sung, candles lit on the graveyard, the offers for charity made, my mother´s wonderful dinner eaten and peace is in the house and hearts, that´s when the ultimate Spirit of Bethlehem embraces me.
God bless all of us!


Unknown said...

Takker De, Elise.

De er meget søt og snill.

Jeg håper De og Deres familie har en vidunderlig Jule# og Ny År også ! !

Kjærlighet, Justin

P.S. Glad fødselsdag til De og Deres mann

Thank you, Elise.

You are very sweet and kind.

I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and New Year as well!!

Love, Justin

P.S. Happy birthday to you and your husband!

Curious Servant said...

Merry Christmas Elise!

Thank you for all your kind comments this past year.

You have a great heart.



Curious Servant said...

Thank you for stopping by and leaving such kind words.

I have appreciated all your comments this past year.

I know what you mean about the disturbing nature of that painting.

I started shaking and tearing up while I was painting it, right there in front of my church.

That beautiful smiling face, so loving... and with such horrid wounds...

That is the crux of our faith, is it not?

Well... thanks again my friend, my sister in Christ.

Merry Christmas!