Sunday, February 18, 2007


This picture of my father was taken Jan. 27th 2007

Very often, as I stumble along, so much wanting to do the good things, the right and obvious necessary deeds, I find my self stopped, trapped and haltered with "no particular place to go."
I stand bewildered before the Lord with all my whys.
Taking care of and comforting the helpless must be right, isn't that so?
"I was sick and you did not look after me?" He said.

That's just what I want to do and I am so vigorously hindered.
I am confused and hurt and helplessly scared.
Should I not honour and nurse my ill father?
He, who has been nothing but good to me all these years.
Whom I have loved and cherished since I was a child.
He who has carried me, patiently taught me and picked me up whenever I fell.
I need an answer and I need it fast.

Just a few years ago my father sat truly by my side, while I had broken both wrist and ankle, and was diagnosed with osteoporosis.

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Pilot Mom said...

The first pic of your Father was taken two days before my precious mother died.

I, too, have my knees. Won't it be wonderful to go Home where there won't be any more pain? Oh come Lord Jesus!!