Monday, September 29, 2008


We've just returned from The autumn journey.
Primary goal: Handing over a newly, dadly repaired Fiat to daughter Serina. 3 days of traveling in wind, rain and slippery roads. Past the most magnificent scenery of Norway.

Visiting the poor farm of the painter Nicolai Astrup.

He lived with his family high in the steep mountain side.
To paint he had to crave a living out of stones and cliffhangs. He learned the possibilities of various herbs.
Also he planted "Devil seed" for the mere decoration.
To live he had to paint.Neither he nor his family were highly estimated.

Nor was his art treasured by his contemporaries.A peak in the window of his home shows the painting Midsummer.
No need to tell we were caught by the landscape, the old buildings and the destiny of the painter.
Wonder if Astrup ever fancied people coming from the ends of the earth to admire his art and his courage.

The Dream
When the white eagle of the North
is flying overhead
The browns, reds and golds of autumn
lie in the gutter, dead.
Remember then, that summer birds
with wings of fire flaying
Came to witness springs new hope,
born of leaves decaying.
Just as new life will come from death,
love will come at leisure.
Love of love,
love of life
and giving without measure
Gives in return
a wondrous yearn
of a promise almost seen.
Live hand-in-hand
and together we'll stand
on the threshold of a dream.
Graham Edge

Originated by MaryT, check hers for today.


Jim said...

Hi Felisol, this is a very nice place for us to visit. Everything is soooooo quaint and peaceful looking.
Happy RRTues, I am at my regular blog with this one,
Jim's Little Blog:

Grandma Faith said...

Wow, your blog for Ruby Tuesday is stunning. I enjoyed your pictures and your words. Beautiful....

Anonymous said...

All lovely photos! Happy Ruby Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

We don't have autumn here, so this one I only dream about. =)

My Ruby Tuesday entries are now posted in my food blog and photo blog. Hope you can drop by. Thanks!

Mojo said...

Nobody really appreciates an artist until he's gone. It has always been this way. Major props to this guy for staying with it despite all of that.
Thanks for a look inside the life of an artist many of us would never have known about.

Anonymous said...

Nice shots! Happy Ruby Tuesday!

Renae said...

So beautiful. Interesting that he wasn't esteemed by his contemporaries. Sounds like Someone else we both know . . .

~Just Me Miranda~ said...

Beautiful, I really like the last picture. Very rustic.

Ralph said...

The red leaves in the photos looks very much like a painting. An Impressionist's view of autumn foliage. This is a nice shot of autumn - as the winter may look bleak in white, I think that fall is nature's most colorful season.

Norway looks absolutely beautiful, even in gray misty skies. A trip for the future? A nice thought...

Grandma Faith said...

I have an award for you over on my blog. Please accept it, enjoy it, and pass it on as you see fit. Love, Faith

DrowseyMonkey-Photos said...

Beautiful photos. This is my favourite time of year and you captured the feeling so well.

Carletta said...

A wonderful post with just touches of red!
I love the setting of those old buildings.
Thanks for the tour.

Anonymous said...

Hello Felisol - The painter's story tells us that life is not always fair. I think I'd like to visit this place, too.

Anonymous said...

WOW! All those beauty made me long to go there! Such beautiful place you capture:) Mine is posted HERE. Happy RT!~

me ann my camera said...

Great poem, interesting text and lovely pictures. Happy Ruby Tuesday!

tr3nta said...


Amrita said...

The beauty of the Norwegian countryside is captivating.The painter had such lovliness to paint.
You captured it well on film.

Glad you had a good time with Serina.

I am enjoying reading Ivar Fjeld 's story.He belongs to Bergen.
I must study the geography of Norway

EG CameraGirl said...

It's strange how many artists are not appreciated in their own time. Perhaps it;s because they are ahead of their time. They definitely tap into something that most people don't understand.

Dianne said...

what a fantastic series for RT!!!

I love the purplish glow in one of the cabin shots and the 2 leaves in the foreground of the water!!

"dadly repaired" is a great expression :)

Ivanhoe said...

Wonderful colors! Mother nature is the most talented painter, isn't she? :o)

Anonymous said...

What a great and interesting post looking into the life of this painter. Wonderful Ruby Felisol. Have a great week.

Saija said...

you are a wonderful daughter of Norway ... always showing us her hidden treasures ...

blessings on you!

Mimi Lenox said...

Thank you for taking us along...I especially enjoyed the thru the window shot.

Ruby Tuesday~ Drop Me A Line

MyMaracas said...

OH, what gorgeous photos! And what a sad, romantic story, perfect for the autumn. I love the way you frame your shots, and the colors are wonderful. Beautiful post.

Vicki said...

Hello my friend, Felisol. There is so much treasure here on your blog. I enjoy coming here to see what you share - so many beautiful photos of places I long to see. Thank you for sharing them. How is Serina doing?

I thought a little of Vincent van Gogh when I read about Astrup here. perhaps neither of their art was fully appreciated while they were alive. I love discovering the life behind the artist, don't you?

Thank you for your visit to my blog and the kind words and prayers. Your heart is tender and compassionate, and I so appreciate that about you,my friend.

love & blessings,

Terry said...

Dear Felisol
So that is where you disappeared for four days. I couldn't find you at Pals or at Mr. Jim's so I knew that you must have been away from your computer!
So nice that you and Gunnar and Serina were together!
Sure did miss you even though I was using the lap top, and had so much difficulty in finding you.
I was almost tempted to beg that Gunnar to come over to Canada to fix my PC..Ha!

These pictures are all nice Felisol but I have two favourites.
I just love the one where the double leaf is hanging over the blue water.
If you enlarge that picture, you can see the dew drops on that leaf. Just like little transparent mirrors the drops are reflecting the blue water and the trees below. So beautiful.
I kind of wonder if those are tears that the leaf is shedding as it takes a last look at the scene below and knows that it will be falling to the ground soon and so it is bidding its goodbye! Farewells are always so sad!

I love the picture of the artist's house, the winding side walk carpeted with the new fallen pretty.
I believe that Mr. Astrup would have preferred this much more than the red carpet that was not rolled out for him.
After all he was an artist, he knew it was a gift from God and what is man's praise anyways?
You have Felisol, honoured him so much in this great post.

You are an artist too my Felisol.... An artist that uses a pen, an artist of writing!

Love Terry

John Cowart said...

Hi Felistol,

Just visiting from your comment on Amrita's blog.

What great photos!

I saved the one of Fairhair's viking ship for my desktop background today.

You have a great eye and I'm delighted to see all the old churches and grave sites and even the electric power plant. I had no idea Norway was such a beautiful place. Thanks for showing it off.

I'll browse more when I have more time. Thanks.

Meg said...

Flinke mammaen min! Jeg likte bildet ditt av "midtsommer", kjempefint <3

Mrs. Mac said...

Is Serina off to college now? Your trip photos paint a lovely picture. Thanks for sharing! Autumn is slowly arriving. Today should be out last summer like day. My tomatoes are just now turning 'ruby red' ... about time! Maybe I'll post a Ruby Tuesday for next week. We have lovely red lettuce still growing in the garden. My girls got spoiled with fresh garden salads everyday ... store bought just won't be as good this winter :( Hugs from the North Woods

Sue Seibert said...

How beautiful the scenery is!

Jim said...

It is only 11:15 here. Another hour or so and I will be in bed.

I stay up pretty late. Thanks for commenting on that "Cat in the Window" blog.

Patti said...

I enjoyed the photo journey and learning about this artist.

Wonderful post! Happy Ruby Tuesday!