Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Dear Serina.
I've swapped Terry's birthday card for you.
dad and I say Happy birthday +1.
Also happy belated birthday to Broder Knut Erik, February 24th and Uncle Leif February 26th.
The Tjaalands have been busy celebrating end of February for three generations.
Hipp hipp hipp Hurray.


Crown of Beauty said...

Happy birthday to Serina! Happy birthday to three generations celebrating the end of this month!

Terry said...

Aw Happy Birthday dear Princess!
We all love you even though we have never seen you.
You are in our hearts!
Love you!
Oh to be 21 again!
Love Terry

PS...Happy Birthday Erik..
And you Uncle Leif are in the land where there is no age! Every day is happy there!
Who would have known last Feb 26th when it was your earthly birthday, you would have been celebrating Feb 26 2009 in heaven?

Amrita said...

Very happy birthday to you Serina.

May God grant the desires of your heart as grow in all aspects of your life in the coming year.

Enjoy your birthday.

Felisol, I know how much you must be missing your baby girl today and she must be missing you all too.

Mrs. Mac said...

a very happy birthday to my b/d blog twin :) She's the pretty sister :)

(Serina ... you have blessed your parents and family by being the treasure that you are ... stay forever the virtuous young woman you've become!

Trish said...

Happy birthday to your precious Serina!

Deb said...

I just caught up on a bunch of your posts. For some reason, your blog won't load correctly on my home computer. Therefore, I have to wait until I have some time at work and read it while I'm here. Lovely photos and poetry and memories....enjoyed reading them all!

Deb said...

Oh...and I almost forgot - Happy Birthday Serina!!

Debbie Petras said...

Happy Birthday to your loved ones, Felisol! My dad's birthday is February 28. I used to love that I opened the month of February on the 1st and Dad ended the month with his birthday on the 28th. At least, most years! Happy Birthday Serina!

Meg said...

Thank you som much, all of you.