Friday, February 20, 2009


There is a time for everything.
My physiotherapist yesterday set my feet free.
You shall go and stay how you like.
There is no RIGHT way of using your feet.
Just be aware of how you are using them, and how you feel while doing so. Avoid what's making you hurt or tense.
For almost 60 years I have been told that I go, stay and move wrong.
I've tried to adjust in every possible way, only ending up tying my muscles in always harder and more painful knots.
In the blink of an eye my therapist broke the spell.
I'm now looking forwards to also enjoy my freedom elsewhere. Doing what I believe in,
paying close attention to how my deeds make me feel.Then adjust my behavior according to that.

So wonderful to be a work under construction!
Busy being born.


Debbie Petras said...

It must feel wierd having to readjust like that. But I guess if you're in enough pain, you'll do what they say and learn a new way. Such cute red toes! What a creative photo too. Thanks for always checking in with me, my friend.

Felisol said...

Dear Debbie,
Actually it is great relief to learn I can do what feels good instead of forcing my feet to work a way they were not designed for.
The Feldenkrais therapy works and gives results very soon.
I feel if not like new born, so at least enriched.
From Felisol

Mrs. Mac said...

Our feet take us where our mind directs. Their destination is hopefully heaven. Better to take good care of our feet and treat them kindly than be benched on the sidelines of life. (old proverb I just made up for you ;) To be 'new born' with pain free feet must be a blessing. I make it a habit of buying one good (expensive) pair of comfy leather shoes each year. Taking care of ones feet will keep the rest of the body in better working order.

John Cowart said...

You have a life-lesson here:

"Doing what I believe in,paying close attention to how my deeds make me feel.Then adjust my behavior according to that".

Crown of Beauty said...

I visited your place again, Felisol, and what I read gave me such a joy. I rejoice with you. You are free! Free to discover new avenues of your life, and yourself! My heart is singing with you.

Blessings be on you today.

Amrita said...

Good to hear that Felisol. The years of therapy and care paid off and now you are free. But you 've been very active all the while ....hiking and all.

Your outdoor fireolace is so unique and the flower pots lokk good. Nice to stretch out and relax.

Have a peaceful Lord 's Day.

Jada's Gigi said...

OH yes! freedom! ain't it grand?!? Listening to your body...your soul..your spirit..seems to have been the best course all along but takes a lot of years to finally figure out, eh? Learning how to live seems like it takes a lot of time doesn't it? :) Hope you can live more pain free going forward. Is that flowers blooming on your deck...its only February!and you're in Norway for goodness sakes! :)

Felisol said...

Dear Mrs. Mac,
I agree, taking good care of one's feet is essential.
Looking ones best is also vital for young and old.
I therefore carry on pair nice looking of shoes at the opening of a party, and more comfortable ones for later use.
I cannot have a good time if my feet and back ache. I cannot make "a grand entrance" in health shoes.
I most enjoy walking bare feet or in well used hiker shoes.

Shoes are my only luxury.
Because I need it.

Dear John C,
I guess I'm picking up some inspiration from your excellent blog.

Dear Crown of Beauty,
Thank you for rejoicing with me.
I never can explain how important and inspiring the words of my physiotherapist were.
I think you have got the contents.

Dear Amrita,
thank you for sharing my joy.
I hope I can be even more active in the time to come.
I will enjoy the moment, taking one day at a time.

Dear Jada,
The picture was taken last fall, a rainy Sunday-
We just recently got rid of 3 weeks of snow.
We have not had that longlasting snow for years.
The snowdrops are showing the first green leaves, that's all so far.
I did but have this pic of my feet!

Growing up is a long and interesting process.
I love the break throughs.
They don't happen this often.
They are like spring.
Full of hopes.

From Felisol

Terry said...

Dear Felisol
I wonder if your physiotherapist could help me?
You know for 58 years, my feet and my legs have taken me wherever I wanted to go and were no problem, but now those feet have become numb on the bottom and my legs are becoming so weak that sometimes I am afraid even to walk because of falling.
This has happened within the last year.
I hope that the doctor can give me some sort of exercise that will give some improvement.
Just a few years ago, I would walk about ten miles a day and that I miss!
I hope that seeing as the therapist has broken the spell and you are free that you will enjoy all those hikes with your bosom friends, especially when the warm weather finally comes!...Love Terry

PSYour flowers are so bright and pretty but I ever love that shiny floor!
Wet with the falling rain!
It looks like you have a real pretty dress on!
Take care my friend..

Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
I have my best second hand dress on.
I'd never dare to buy second hand shoes though.
My feet are to fragile.
I strongly recommend you to seek a Feldekrais physiotherapist.
(You've got to google that yourself).
My toes were out of use.I could not get nervesignal transmitted to them.
In one treament I was able to wiggle my toes again.
Sweet childish delight.
From Felisol

Terry said...

Dear Felisol...I can't stand on my tip toes and it is a real scary feeling...Love Terry

Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
I urge you to get some treatment.
I am familiar with the anxiety.
I'll pray for you. Gotta go to bed. Its half four in the Morning.
Yours Felisol