Wednesday, July 22, 2009


This sepia is partly fake.
The trolls are made of brown, burnt clay.
They were popular in the seventies, I got two for a present. The others I have found on flee markets, one by one.
They are solid indeed and live outdoors all seasons.
For a year they have been guarding our outdoor fireplace, and done it well.
Normally, or tradition says so, the troll burst when the sun rises. They live in our largest mountains and have done so for hundreds and hundreds of years.
Norway was Christened in year 1033, but the trolls have kept on living in peoples imaginations till about year 1900.
Lots of our fairytale describe how the brave little Ash-lad conquered the troll against all odds, and thus won the princess and half the kingdom.

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Ralph said...

These Nordic trolls are great protectors. Yet they seem to have a winsome and gentle disposition. Not a mean one in the bunch and could it be that they are almost-(gasp)- Cute? Not the scary beings we all thought...

Debbie Petras said...

How interesting to hear more about the trolls. My mother used to collect them and loved them. I think I have two of them.

It's always good to read your blog posts. And I always enjoy your insightful comments on Heart Choices. Have a wonderful week, Felisol.

Jada's Gigi said...

much cuter than the ones i grew up with. :)

Barbara said...

Cute & funny looking trolls. They made a great sepia capture. Barbara

Dianne said...

they are the happiest trolls I have ever seen

EG CameraGirl said...

I LOVE these trolls! I wish I could find some here. They are wonderful!

Amrita said...

I loved reading tales about trolls and fairies and Shrek is a movie I like although he is an ogre.

Yours are so cute and look friendly.Good guards for your house.

Niceto see you can leacve them ourside, here they would have been pinched

Sherrie said...

They are so cute! Have never seen a troll like these before. Most of them you see are mean looking! Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

This looks like a fine sepia photo subject & I like how they're arranged there!

Have a great week!

kayerj said...

what a wonderful shot. They look like they are gigantic, a troll family out sunning themselves by the lake. My favorite shot of the day. Hope you can stop by to see my sepia scene Thanks!

Carletta said...

These are so cute! They are very much unlike the mean ones you hear about in fairytales. Just looking at this image makes me smile!
Such a fun post!

Felisol said...

Hello Kaye,
If you should ever wonder why I do not comment, it's just that my writings seem to vanish into thin air every time I'm over at your wonderful hobbit blog.
Your tin cups and the platter were so nostalgic. Took me right back to the summers on my granddad's hut.
The picture also was very cleverly handled. The shining metal, the shadows in the room.
From Felisol

Crown of Beauty said...

I like this picture that you posted, Felisol. It is quite unique, and the contrast of colors is striking. Truly a work of art.

Thanks for your latest comment at my blog. Yes, we need to be like eagles offering our wings for our little eaglet to ride on if needed... but they need to fight their own battles, to make them strong and wise.

Thank you for sharing the little history about the trolls and Norway folklore.


John Cowart said...

How cute. Except for all the hair, the big one has an uncanny resemblance to ME!

Gemma Wiseman said...

Trolls and troll legends fascinate me! This would be the first time that I have seen so many gathered together! Awesome in sepia!

Saija said...

i remember stories of trolls from my childhood ... those and gypsy stories ...

and i was admiring your peonies in the previous post ... they are a lovely colour!!! did you know that peonies can go for $20 a flower stalk, when used in a bouquet! wow!

blessings on your weekeknd!