Monday, December 14, 2009


My American blog friends have been decorating for Christmas since end of November.
I have been waiting for Serina to come home. She is half the reason we are decorating, and she is indeed my best helper.

After running up and down our attic ladder with a zillion boxes, she makes the decorations and also does some modeling for her mama.
The old youle-nisse is sitting on his place in the library. Gunnar was almost not scared at all this year. I bet niece Kristine Maria has adjusted to him as well after 20 years.
He may be the youngest family member, but the sweater he's wearing was originally made for me and later carried by Serina. He has occupied my favorite book, Glog, written by blog friend John Cowart.
The Strawbucks are offering the birch nisses a cop of.....Starbucks, I guess.

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Leora said...

These little fellas are adorable! "youle-nisse" is what he's called? I'm sure you are glad to have Serina with you.

Debbie Petras said...

Felisol, your daughter is so beautiful! And your tree is so pretty. My parents and grandparents always had Norwegian flags on their tree each year.

I also decorated my house and put my Christmas tree up and posted a few photos. There are several memes in the blog world where we can visit each other's homes during Christmas online. It's been fun.

I wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas time this year. I have been getting more photos from back in the 1950's from when I was growing up. One of my cousins is on Facebook and he sends them to me. So, I may post them in the next week or so.

Blessings and love,

Ralph said...

I never considered Christmas gnomes. But these fellas are jolly and have white beards. Jolly, but not as huge at that Santa guy...

Decorations are always more fun as a family. You have gotton the finest gift ever with beautiful Serina. Nice family, nice tree as you (and I) celebrate God's mots perfect gift - ever!

eileeninmd said...

Love your Christmas decorations, wonderful photos.

Marites said...

I really love your Christmas decorations especially those gnomes. Am thinking of looking for some here. Your daughter is really pretty.

Saija said...

oh, so pretty and so very familiar to me in many ways! makes me feel so Christmasy ... blessings on ya!

Crown of Beauty said...

Lovely Christmas decors! So unique. I was engrossed reading about youlle-nisse!

I love reading about the different ways blog friends prepared for Christmas.

So joyful, and so full of life.


Jim said...

Hi Felisol, I like your youle-nisse and the little nisses too.

It is nice to have Serina home helping you decorate. I am Mrs. Jim's helper, me and the dogs.

Happy RT! :-)

Unknown said...

love your whimsical Christmas decor...they make the decor more alive and fun. great pics.

Ivon said...

Merry Christmas! I want to get a few Norwegian flags for my tree as well. I will look online. Christmas is a time for family, and it is good that your daughter is home with you. give my best to my distant cousin, Gunnar. :)

Terry said...

oh everything looks so fun felisol!
you surely don't need a star angel for the tree though.
you already have a beautiful one and that is princess serina herself!

felisol..did you know that mr. jim is eating AGAIN over at his blog?
i think he is trying his hardest to get out of shape so he can get himself a department store job next year as the fattest santy clause in town?
now WHAT do you think of THAT??? terry

John Cowart said...

Your decorations are beautiful, worth all those trips to the attic for boxes.

I'm impressed by the good taste of your Santa youle-nisse in reading material. He is obviously a person of literary refinement--or is that one of his holiday pranks? Thank you for posting his photo with Glog.

Best holiday wishes.

EJ said...

Nice decorations!

Please check out For the love of Family

Hootin Anni said...

So festive and is Serina.

My R T is's all about Pecan Toffee Bark today. Come over and I'll share a piece with you...


Chubskulit Rose said...

Serina is pretty.

My RT with Santa

Amrita said...

Your home looks so cheerful and Christmasy.

Mr Misse occupies a comfortable position and seems to be enjoying John 's book.

Enjoy decking the halls with Serina. She looks like a Christmas angel.

I will deorate my house with my nephews.

Dianne said...

Serina is so very beautiful, she takes after Mom of course :)

I love your library!! what a warm and wonderful warm

Auntie E said...

Very nicely put. Happy ruby Tuesday

Anonymous said...

I had never seen Norwegian flags on a Christmas tree. Enjoy your holiday.

Robin said...

How lovely that Serina was home to help you decorate. I love your youle-nisse, Norwegian Christmas traditions are so interesting.

Amrita said...

Oh I wish i could transform myself into a nisse and read Glog too. Is he wearing your glasses too?

The Christmas carol videos I have posted are not from my church, that service is taking place in the Bible College BTW

Felisol said...

The old Nisse has his own spectacles. I'm shortsighted, he 's the opposite.
I made the guy from scratch some twenty years ago, and he has become a well known, if not so loved member of the family.
For December he has occupied my chair in our library and also the John Cowart book, Glog.
The book looks so nice, and my nisse is a bit superficial, he's attracted to a pretty face.
But as we now, John Cowart is a brilliant writer too. He has got plenty of humor, integrity and has a widespread field of interests and knowledge.
I'm feeling well and inspired in his company.
For the time being there is not much room for reading. My best reading day the whole year is 1 Day of Christmas.
The Norwegians are celebrating Christmas Eve, going to church,light candles on the graves, eating a grand dinner, reading the Christmas gospel for the 2. time that day, seeking for the hidden almond in the rice cream, - and the before the coffee and 7 sorts of Christmas cookies, it's time for the nisse to hand out the gifts.
It's a wild circus every year, with wrapping paper all over the living room floor, admiring, thanking, the whole shebang.
Finally Gunnar and my mother will sort out what to throw away and take care of that not valuables are following the boxes into the fireplace.
Then we used to walk around the Christmas tree. Now we usually end up watching telli while drinking coffee and browsing through the new books.
It's then Christmas peace arrive in my heart.
From felisol

Jada's Gigi said...

Merry Christmas my dear sister, Felisol!

Mrs. Mac said...

I think you are very wise to wait and put up your decorations when Serina is home for Christmas. It will make Christmas all the more special by not over extending the celebration of Christ's birth ... sometimes as a child, we would wait until just a few days prior to Christmas to decorate. The emphasis was on Christ ... not decor. I re-read your birthday post and searched for a news report about the gingerbread town vandals ... glad to see your town has a good spirit of togetherness and rebuilt the 'town' regardless of the 'kill joys' ..

jel said...

meery CHRISTmas!


Annie Jeffries said...

Now that I've discovered them, I'm in love with little nisses. I thought i saw one the other day but alas, I was fooled. said...

My sweet friend Debbie, at Heart Choices, gave me your blog name. I am so happy to visit you and to see that you are in Norway, where my mother was born! She was born in Tromso, and she met my dad, a minister from America, married and moved to America. Their story is wonderful. I still have many relatives in Oslo and Tromso. I'm so glad to see this beautiful page, and I will be back to visit!
My blog is:

Blessings to my new fellow Norwegian friend.


donna said...

Merry Christmas


EG CameraGirl said...

Your tree and decorations look wonderful, Felisol. I'm glad your daughter is hoe! I know how sad you were when she left for school earlier this autumn.

Trish said...

Thank you for sharing your lovely Christmas decorations. Waiting for Serina just makes things more special. There's nothing more wonderful than family traditions.

Vicki said...

Felisol, I enjoy visiting with you here and wish I'd made it here earlier for Christmas - such lovely decorations. Serina has the face of an angel - you must be so proud of her. How is Gunnar doing? I have stayed in my pajamas here all day today - just resting from the busy holiday. God bless you dear Felisol. I left you a small note at Pals.