Friday, May 14, 2010


No time for blogging, or paying my friends a visit nowadays. I'm fully occupied being the hostess of Miss Apron.
It's May and cat mating time in Norway. In nights the cats are holding a fireball of a party.
Mons, the winning male spends the day, protecting and admiring the Feline relaxing on the lamp post.


Annie Jeffries said...

Well. All I can say, Elise, is "Do you get any sleep at night, at all???? The kitties must be singing like mad."

Amrita said...

Oh my all the romantic cats must be making quite a ruckus. My Sheeba would turn crazy. LOL.

I enjoyed reading your SS post with Miss Apron.Serina is missing all the fun. I am sure she would have put on the apron too.

Debbie Petras said...

How very cute Felisol!

Happy Syttendai Mai to you!

Love you,
Debbie said...

Happy Syttendai Mai Felisol!!

If you haven't been there, go and visit Debbie @ Heart Choices. She's got one today that you will LOVE!!!



Sue Seibert said...

Beautiful kitties...celebrating spring!

Raven said...

Sweet kitties, though I must say kitty mating songs are not my favorite music.

Missed you at Ruby Tuesday today.

Terry said...

oh felisol..i never even visited you here and look what i missed out on..oh i love these cat, but you know bernie and i love kitties so much!
sioux snd i are both cat people.
betty has two cute doggies but i especially love her big black cat!
relly the only doggies i will give the time to is adi, mr. jim's kid, dawg, mrs. mac's kid and amrita's girl, sheeba.
i have a strong feeling that i could take to crown of beauty's sammy and patches..they are cute even though that sammy is a bit on the spoiled side...ha!
well i sure was glad to see those black cats! terry

felisol. i am afraid that miss apron has tired you right out!

Crown of Beauty said...

Lovely Norwegian kits, and lovely pictures too. I love dogs and cats, like you... but I can't have both for now, so I have chosen dogs.

Cats are noisy at night...and are all over the roof too.

What do they do in winter?